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iOwntheworld Cracks Me Up !

By “cracking” open Barry’s Head to peek inside !

Yes, that’s my inspiring idea, from “Men in Black”, that cute little alien that “operated” from inside his human’s head 🙂

More fun peeks at Obama’s Inner Space

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“Great Moments in Presidential Speaking”

via iOwntheworld

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“Obama at the Bat”

via iOwntheworld

You can read the original 120 year old version of Casey at the Bat here.

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“The Last Excuse”

via iOwntheworld

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It’s come to this…at “our” front door ?

Union thugs knocking that is……

Via iOwntheworld

Then I found the skinny via the alert from LynnII over at Newsbird

Without a permit 😦

Well at least BOA is still ACORN and Obama’s friend !


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Instead of Mrs Obama’s NKFB(tm), Can we address those who feed ON our children?

Update: iOwnTheWorld has more videos and interviews and a great opinion!

Update: ” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by YAK FILMS. ”

Via Parent Dish

Oh yeah, there was a third grader who got a week’s detention for bringing a Jolly Rancher to school.


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Reid Supporters’ Egg Toss & Andrew Breitbart

via iOWNTHEWORLD who ask “Will this video make it on MSNBC, ABC, CNN? nope.”

Supporters of Democrat Senator Harry Reid throw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus and threaten to attack Andrew Breitbart.

More goodies at Founding Bloggers

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Crowder’s back and I finally feel safer ! Or saner?

As Obama reached into his inner Dick Cheney, via Hot Air….

The part where (John)Ziegler thinks Obama channeled Cheney comes immediately afterward, where Obama states explicitly that we are a nation at war, not a nation facing a crime wave. Perhaps now he will approach terrorists as unlawful combatants rather than criminals captured on the streets.

….I couldn’t help think Obama was also channeling his inner Sarah Palin. Afterall, her Facebook note came long before the buck stopped with Obama. Last Tuesday. You can read “It’s a war, not a crime spree” here.

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Do you ever get the feeling we’ve been…….?

Graphic courtesy of those amazing, creative and snarkalicious minds at iOwnTheWorld who choose the crayons to color my bizzarro world 🙂


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