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Easter Blessings: From the Original Garden of Good and Evil* : Gethsemane


So, what really happened at Gethsemane?

With a h/t to myiq’s TCH and querying the meaning of Good on the Friday of Jesus’crucifixion of this most Holy of the Christian Holy seasons, I turned to the Scriptures of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. When I was a practicing Catholic, this movie was banned, today it remains an inspiration to me. Over 40 years later, I never stopped believing, just embracing the inner feel good stuff. It works 😀

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Dear Media, What’s the Buzz, Tell Me What’s Happening ?

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice were prophetic with their lyrics in the early 70’s, here’s proof. This tune always dances in my head whenever I see modern media chase squirrels instead of “phony scandals“. Then Keith Koffler comes along and gives me back some hope 🙂 Will we heed the warnings ? They are there. Enjoy the video……

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What’s the Buzz Chick-Fil-A ? Tell Me What’s a Happening ?

Disagreeing is American, trying to shut down a business is facism.

Photo, and more, via Twitchy

Also, circa 1973, what have we learned ? Catchy tune 🙂


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