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Please Mr. President, No More War…..

….so I’m reaching for my big stick too, Judge Jeanine Pirro. Yes, she’s legal and a lot smarter than you Dear Leader.

This is must watch amazing. Judge Jeanine sucked me in with her first couple of sentences then watched the rest of the 11 minutes without blinking and I don’t think I took a breath either.

Weren’t you blown away too? I think she’s been reading all our blogs and tweets and facebook pages. I sent this video to my old anti-war pals and asked why they weren’t rallying to help prevent Obama’s Folly (or as one friend put it, Operation Petulant Pussy).

Though I’m sad innocents are dying at the hands of evil (still not convinced Obama’s Snakeoil Sales Department pitching propaganda videos are proof of who’s doing the actual gassing, the floors are too clean, the skin is too pink), it’s all just too stagey and squirrelly to me. Great discussion on just that over at TCH and WHD.

Still not convinced Mr President, then here lies (pun intended) the rest of my problem, over at Forbes’ Merrill Matthews summary of why we just don’t trust you anymore.

Or a random twitter post that summed you up also “the children, the children, the children, but God Bless Planned Parenthood”.

And, can we really afford to lob billions of dollars worth of missiles into the desert and can’t even afford to re-open the White House tours to the people?


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