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Obama rewards Troopergate Chairman


Holly Robichaud of the Boston Herald blogs

Surprise. Surprise. President Barack Obama has done a nationwide search and appointed the Chairman of the Troopergate investigation as Director of Alaskan Affairs at the Interior Department. Is this a case of political payback for a smear job well done on Governor Sarah Palin??? Yes!

On March 2, 2009 State Senator Kim Elton, who was the Chairman of the Legislative Council investigating Troopergate, resigned to take an appointment at the Interior Department.

Maybe it is Elton who should be investigated for misuse of the Legislative Council.

….and she connects the dots brilliantly…..

Elton is a long-time friend of Pete Rouse, who was Senator Obama’s chief of staff and campaign advisor. (Rouse currently serves in the White House as a Senior Advisor.) According to CNN reports after Governor Sarah Palin was selected for the GOP ticket, the Obama campaign contacted the PSEA Union that represented Trooper Wooten and filed the phony complaint against her.

The connection between Elton and the Obama campaign should have served as a warning sign, but the liberal media wanted Palin’s scalp so they overlooked the relationship.

On several occasions Freedom of Information Requests were filed for emails, phone logs and other communications between the Obama campaign and Senator Elton. They were refused on the claim that FOIAs do not apply to legislators. Why not disclose all information in order to make the investigation legitimate? Because Elton had no intention of being impartial.

In fact, his investigation became so politically charged that 5 state legislators filed suit against the Chairman, Senator Hollis French, and the Democrats’ handpicked investigator, Stephen Branchflower.

….now the me$$y part….

In an attempt to restore impartiality to the proceedings, Alaska’s Speaker of the House, John Harris requested a special meeting with the Legislative Council, but his request was refused.

Elton continued on his witch hunt to destroy Palin by allowing the investigator to write the report before witnesses were even interviewed, misconstrue certain evidence and disregard evidence that was helpful to Palin.

Minutes after the Branchflower Report was publicly released, Elton told the Anchorage Daily News that perhaps people will know how to vote in November.

Furthermore, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Senator Elton donated $2250 to the Obama campaign. Clearly, Elton was vested in the outcome of the Presidential race and played smear politics with Governor Palin’s reputation in order to help sway the election.

So much for Obama’s change politics. It is dirty politics as usual.

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