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HowIMetYourMother <<<Another Disappointing Finale? Nope!

According to the Twitter feed on #HIMYMFinale celebration last night (3-31), it was more of a mass fan suicide. I disagreed. I was never a rabid follower of the show, but did know the characters and ho-hum. I did watch the finale and thought it was pretty cool. For those of you still trying to slit your wrists with a twizzler, move on with the actors, not the characters…..here’s a sneak peek…now cherish them.

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Is It 2016 Yet ?

Pre-Obama….oh, and maybe the current House Majority? I’m so confused…..

One day more and…..

In the Age Of Obama

Go SEE the movie !

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Give Me A Break OWSieses, Do you really hear your peeps sing?

Do ya?

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Remember November 2, 2010: VOTE or….

Well, do you hear the people sing? Our Republic is fragile too, please don’t take her for granted….

I’m a Democrat voting Republican tomorrow, and I approve this message 😛


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Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Happy About The Glenn Beck Boycott !

Glenn Beck at San Antonio Tea Party

Glenn Beck at San Antonio Tea Party

As my friends on the libby left are just giddy over punishing Beck and Fox News by forcing sponsors to take their money elsewhere, William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection tells us why we should be happy…..

1. The boycott will fail, as do virtually all boycotts.

2. The failure of the boycott will be a huge victory for freedom of speech.

3. The failure of the boycott will diminish the power of the boycotters.

4. The diminished power of the boycotters will empower grassroots opposition to health care restructuring and cap-and-trade.

5. The boycott reveals once again that many liberals are hypocrites who only want freedom for their speech.

6.The boycott reveals that the left-wing blogosphere is afraid of other voices being heard.

7. The boycott reminds us that large corporations are spineless in the face of liberal pressure groups.

8. The boycott reminds us also that we should not confuse large corporations with free markets or free enterprise or freedom.

9. The boycott will tell us whether Fox News has a spine.

10.The boycott is a reflection that Democrats have few positive arguments in support of their agenda and need to create enemies.

And from the comments section, you learn these little nuggets:

It probably took Geico .0000001 seconds to boycott Glenn. Geico is a subsidiary of Bershire Hathaway, owned by Warren Buffet (right on their home page) And the owner of Progressive was right behind. His political contributions include Moveon.org, America Coming Together, and The Democratic party. No arm twisting there.


Color of Change was co-founded by Van Jones, Obama’s green jobs czar. This boycott comes not long after Beck did some unflattering pieces about Van Jones. Plus, Color of Change has publicly declared that the boycott is in response to Beck’s criticism of Obama.

A group co-founded by by a czar within the Obama Admin. is boycotting a critic of the Obama Admin.

Not very cricket.

Had enough? Can you hear the people sing ?!

I sure can 🙂 See you at the 9-12-09 March on Washington and Glenn Beck recently announced he will be there with his team to make sure our voices are indeed heard with our spirit and unity seen!


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Time to Sh*t or git’off the pot PUMAs ? For Sarah…

First, the obligatory blogho Broadway analogy to U.S. political bloodsport…

How proud we must be to not see this coming. Even our favorite righties at Hot Air are pissing on Sarah’s grave. Really Allah, an Andrea Mitchell video?

What I thought would be a quick Red Skelton warm and fuzzy patriot post and a quiet weekend, just ruffled my feathers, and my verklemptness.

“We are not retreating, we are advancing in another direction” ~ Sarah Palin quoting General MacArthur.

PUMAs ? Where do you stand?


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