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No Kids Fat Behinds ™ vs. Sean: Who Inspires You?


YES, yes our government arse is getting too big too, one small step for Sean, one giant $tep for Michelle Obama’$ “hobby“.

Who inspires us more? I report you decide …..

Here’s FLOTUS, in her words:

First Lady Michelle Obama says she is so busy that it is difficult for her to cook one healthy meal a week for her family. However, the First Lady encourages families to do otherwise.

“The thing I want people to understand in this campaign is that families can make small, manageable changes in their lives that can have pretty significant impacts,” First Lady Michelle Obama said.

“I tried to cook a meal, not everyday because it’s not realistic but I tried to cook one good meal a week. I started there,” Obama said.

Now here’s a guy with a blog:

This daily blog is designed to keep me accountable and on track while losing weight, from 505 pounds to 230, or whatever feels right. I’m doing it completely natural. No magic pills here! I invite you to read my daily experiences on this journey. I encourage you to go back in the archives and read from Day 1. Along the way we’ll laugh, we’ll have fun, and we’ll stay inspired to continue this very important mission. Always consult a doctor before starting any weight loss and exercise routine.

Sean Shed 258 Pounds Without a Single Salad

Whew, huh? I’ll stick with my bloggy friends for now. Good Luck Sean…and Michelle. Heh.


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Dear Mrs. Giraffe, About Your Son Geoffry’s Plumpiness….”

Here come the Obesity Police !

Thanks to Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign and task force, some school districts are sending out letters of concern to parents of, uhm, healthy children? Based on BMI Calculators ?!

Oh, and the budget to stalk monitor these children, probably the price of reinstating recess and PE in public schools. D’oh.

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Malkin: SEIU “FatCats” behind Mrs Obama’s anti-Obesity Campaign

via Michelle Malkin

Clicky here to read the whole article…then ask yourself, are government programs for children ever about the children?

Full campaign mode indeed. Betcha’ didn’t know chubby kids are a threat to our National Security too ! Maybe we should arrest their parents ?

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