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Joel McHale…Letterman’s Heir Apparent ?

If you can get past he’s “physically” the spawn of Billy Crystal and Ryan Seacrest, who are great lineage, by the way, for my fantasy casting to replace “creepy Dave“.


Even Big Hollywood sees the gift: The Soup, Mmm Mmm Good !

You see, Dave just can’t quit Palin, even with his pants up.

He must go !

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Dear Entertainment Weekly…gag…


My First Letter to a “magazine”….

Long time subscriber, please consider this a shot over your bow. I love your publication, it used to entertain me, but lately, it hasn’t. I’m not unsubscribing yet…..

1. Ok, Dave in his boxers on the cover, not funny. As you can see by my email address, I use his Ed address, so long time fan, until he just got too “creepy” to be funny, mostly because he’s mean spirited which is never funny. Nothing funny about f**king the office gals. His mom must be proud 😦 And Regina? And Harry? What were you thinking? Tacky.

2. Tina Fey always farts rainbows in your reviews. I hate, HATE 30 Rock because the cast is so annoying in real life. But that’s my personal problem. I love comedy over the top, but that’s The Office and Parks and Recreation, not 30 Rock. Stop shoving it down my throat. I hate the Nielsens too, but this is the only time I agree with them.

3. Palin’s book sales are “stacked so high Russia can see them”? I can’t wait for your review…groan. Why was that comment so far out from the “target”? Obviously you just don’t LIKE her? That’s ok, I don’t have to like your pithy comment either.

4. Two and a half Men has 4th grade humor? You gave it a D??? It’s my favorite show, and you insulted me! So this should prove I know the difference between personal problems (charlie sheen) and professional (Dave). I love the gift and art of humor, but not on the personal level. There’s a reason why Two Men has been the top comedy for YEARS!? D’oh me. Obviously you were annoyed that Jon Cryer won the Emmy over one of your favs too. So sad. Count me in their demographic and your readership.

5. Jay Leno’s boring because he’s apolitical? WTF? That’s entertainment nightly! We watch Jay to get away from politics! I watch Conan too. So I must be boring? I love the Jimmys and Craig, so I’m not totally a dork.

As a recovering knee-jerk liberal, trending independent, I’d really like to have an escape from politics all together. SNL used to be funny until they slobbered Obama. Et tu? Love Armisen, but he’s no Hartman or Hammond. Tell, no implore, Lorne to bring in a:

or a….

Thank you for your time. Now, get back to your job of “entertaining me weekly”. Think Independent!


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For Sarah, I Have Your Back Girlfriend !

From those trying to destroy you with their own insecurities, like the guy with a tiny pee-pee and that plumpy,angry,hateful,koolaid drinking skank (obviously married to a guy with a tiny pee-pee) in Alaska, I will even keep an eye on that old, cranky guy ! Go for it….

We can do this, because the MSM won’t 🙂 H/T Laurel and Hardy circa 1934

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The Numbers: Conan handing Dave a can of whoop’ass?

So screams the headline from this NBC press release on the Nielsen website…..



UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – June 18, 2009 – “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” has delivered a convincing victory in its second week on the air, with dominant wins in every important demographic – adults, men and women 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 – plus a victory in total viewers.

Conan won the week over all cable and broadcast entertainment competition, beating his closest rival, CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman,” by a 79 percent margin in adult 18-49 viewers, despite the controversy involving Gov. Sarah Palin that has boosted interest in “Late Show,” and a lineup of prominent “Late Show” guests last week that included Howard Stern and Julia Roberts. The 79 percent advantage is “Tonight’s” most dominant win over a full week of “Late Show” originals, excluding Conan’s premiere week, in five years (since the week of the “Friends” finale, May 3-7, 2004)……more

You can check out the de-LISH-ious cable news ratings too.

Stay classy Dave.


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“Letterman in Obama World” – Late Show Writer’s Meeting

(click 2x to enlarge)


H/T to iOwntheworld

….because the non-apology is just not enough !

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Clash of the Titans: O’Reilly v. Letterman (03.31.09)

2-parts, with an approximate running time of commercial-free 21 minutes, which is a lifetime on network t.v. Great television for political junkies, no matter who’s side you’re on 🙂

Part One:

Part Two:


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Dave Marries Baby Momma


Per US Weekly (since we know the tabloids have street cred now after NE’s Edwards thing and NYP’s getting Natasha’s fatal condition correct….all hours/days before the “credible” MSM)…and here’s the snippet:

David Letterman has hitched up with his longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko, Us reports. The late-night host announced the nuptials during the taping of his CBS Late Show today, saying they married last week in Montana. The couple, together for more than 10 years, have a son, Harry, born in 2003. “I secretly felt that men who were married admired me… like I was the last of the real gunslingers,” Letterman quipped

H/T Newser

Sigh, too bad Dave jumped the shark this year with his attacks on Hillary and Sarah. Hope Regina’s happy now. Congrats and best of luck, she’ll need it !


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Seriously, can we laugh now ?

This for those late night shows I so used to enjoy, yeah you Letterman, Colbert, Stewart and SNL….what has happened to you? Media “jokes” are getting old, snarky stabs at Pelosi, Palin, Hillary and the rest of the administration…boring. May I present Iman Crosson, a brillantly funny parody of President Obama:

If you’re asking how this is a commercial? and what are we selling?…ourselves! 🙂

There was another great impersonator, another “black” man, so how could it be racist? Keegan Michael Key was another brilliant Obama parody on MADTv, and this show was cancelled shortly after this primary spoof appeared:

Make us laugh again, please ?


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