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Welcome to my Worrrrrld, Embassy bombings since ’83

This is what a 43+ year marriage looks like during election season. Bad enough he’s Red Sox, I’m Yankees. He’s Patriots, I’m Jets. He’s a Marine combat veteran, I’m a peacenik.

But since 2008, and the hell that was the Democratic Party, I joined Team Husband on Team Politics. Obama must be defeated.

Maybe it was the death of Ambassador Stevens that I finally understood Obama was a dirtbag scuzzball. My husband was in charge of security for the Beirut Embassy after the Marine Barracks bombing. It was the Reagan era, maybe not the best of times, my husband was ordered to not let the troops put rounds in their chambers. He defied that order to protect his troops, Ambassador protested, Reagan pulled the troops out, the Embassy was attacked shortly thereafter. Crikesy, why my husband didn’t make General of the Worrrrld.

I love my husband, he loved me unconditionally during our political differences over the years, but I worry when he tells me Obama will win again. It’s the all about the Caliphate, the haters, the people sucking at our government titties, the lucky immigrants to latch on to those goverment titties, the lucky Democrats to latch on to my titties.

Carry on 🙂


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