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Cruising the Bloggy Highway – Billy Elliot/Sportobama Edition – 06.08.09

Great show last night, I’m a Broadway junkie …. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

But not as AWESOME as O’this, riiiiiight 🙂

Alegre from the Corner does notice President Smartypants doesn’t always make the right choices, especially his pick for a post at HHS. Not only is the lady pro-life, she’s anti-shudder-contraception and thinks that using contraception is IMMORAL. WTG Pro-Choice Prez !

AOL’s Black Voices community defends the rights of Black Princesses and little girls everywhere to have positive role models no matter what their As Seen On TV Bare Minerals skin tone is. Great message and an even greater peek at the new movie here.

Pigs are flying over at The Daily Beast ! Matthew Yglesias says the President is “All Talk and No Action”

…..AND Christopher Buckley says “Joe Scarborough can save the GOP” ! I agree, I’ve like Joe even during my knee-jerk liberal daze.

It’s Official, Cindy Sheehan HATES everybody.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air reminds us to pay very close attention to the NEW Obamacare scam proposal. Ya better….the national healthcare insurance industry is way too supportive.

Oh, and back in the Obama’s U.S. homeland, Chicago, the Sun-Times reports an investigation possibly into FLOTUS’s not so nice position…when she was a successful professional….throwing poor people out of her upscale hospital. They report….you decide 🙂

And a warm-fuzzy-shout-out-back-atcha Hillary’s Village for letting me hijack your community to live blog the Tony Awards last night, and the media alert reference to my bloggy. All is good in my world !

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