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The Hillary rEVOLUTIONaries Rising ! And that’s a good thing…..

….because evolution requires tests,challenges and survival skills of the fittest against the elements, like a freakin’ forum shutting down after you’ve become addicted to it’s tasty morsels of information and comraderie in Obama’s..gasp…World running amuck. Enough of the drama, where are we now?

We’re okay, really. Alessandro Machi turned over her Daily Puma to the HV refugees for some cyber bloodsporting. (thankyouthankyou!) Fabulous discussion and I have visited every new and regrouped site, signed up for a couple, I may sign up for more.

Though the biggest surprise, and the object of some slings and arrows from my fellow hillaries, is Stealth Fusion and, IMHO, the best thing going so far for the HV refugees. Only because they have welcomed all….check it out….Post your blog here So far….register and add yours 🙂

List of Already Submitted sites
Note: Some of these sites ppl may or may not want to visit,
but we’re listing them here as an option.
Options are listed alphabetically.

http://www.commongroundpolitics.net/discussion – Common Ground Politics
http://govpalin.activeboard.com/ – Gov Palin
http://www.hillaryvillagers.net – Hillary Villagers
http://hillarysworld.activeboard.com/ – Hillary’s World
http://www.partyfreeparty.com – Party Free Party
http://secretaryclinton.wordpress.com/ Secretary Clinton
http://s1.zetaboards.com/Women_in_Politics/index/ – Women in Politics

http://adugan-billclintonblog.blogspot.com/ – Bill Clinton blog
https://bloghopenchangery.wordpress.com/ – Hope and Changery blog
http://secretaryclinton.wordpress.com/ – Secretary Clinton blog

So where was I ? Yeah, we’re all on the same team. Soooo, let’s work smarter not harder :))) Here’s an inspiration ‘tube (H/T C4P):

Feel better? I do 🙂


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