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Post-Racial Seasons Greetings From Ferguson *


H/T MOTUS* for the image which is the cousin of the image at The Crawdad Hole. Tis the season !

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How do you define “white” in Obama World ? A Handy Guide.

Here’s some paint chips from Lowe’s, from what I see, there’s about a thousand more shades of racist.


Now here’s a Michelle Obama Racist Brown vs.Whitey Anniversary rant via The Crawdad Hole. Oh the suffering succotash of it all. Yes, h/t Sylvester, the cartoon cat, was black AND white.

Speaking of “cats”, while she was gone, the mouse played, nom-nom-nom.

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Easter Blessings: From the Original Garden of Good and Evil* : Gethsemane


So, what really happened at Gethsemane?

With a h/t to myiq’s TCH and querying the meaning of Good on the Friday of Jesus’crucifixion of this most Holy of the Christian Holy seasons, I turned to the Scriptures of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. When I was a practicing Catholic, this movie was banned, today it remains an inspiration to me. Over 40 years later, I never stopped believing, just embracing the inner feel good stuff. It works 😀

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Proof: Blogging is Hard and Dangerous Werk

^^^Dangerous Werk, RIP Andrew^^^

Back in 2008, when I was thrown off liberal blogs for questioning The NEW (cha-cha-cha) Lord and Saviour Obama Presidential candidate, I started this blog. As a political and news junkie, and an old white woman, I was called a racist, sour graper, bitter clinger and stupid. I was never banned, but left the left when I knew I wasn’t wanted. So I sought to cross the desert alone, but I did find welcoming communities of like minds and concerns, and it was good. Here are some of them :

The Crawdad Hole : The Klown Rules, as does his community of the sharpest and most in-the-know recovering Democrats. Or as I’d like to call them, family of like minds. Like sipping on Dewar’s Honey, comforting with some gas.

The White House Dossier : A real life media and White House correspondent with that in-the-know how the suck up press works. Keep it bookmarked for those annoying Official President O’Breezy schedules, speeches and tee times. Keith’s community of commenters are like a comforting tea trolly that rolls by no matter what time zone you’re in.

Last, but not leastus, MOTUS : A free for all snark-fest of the most comforting, in a discomforting political environment, award winning commenters on the intertubes !

The above treasures and my precious blogroll (>>>>over there>>>) make me happy, happy, happy. Please visit and enjoy. I’ll be back soon….


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MOTUS: If You’re Not Following The Mirror, You’re Not Paying Attention, Attention, Attention….

Mirror Of The United States


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A Day Without Sunshine ….

White House Press Corps circa Kennedy

….Would be missing my daily fix at the White House Dossier. Keith writes:

During the Democratic primaries in 2008, I asked a liberal friend of mine whether he was going to support Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He thought for a second and casually responded, “Obama.”

Now who hasn’t had this conversation with an Obama supporter ? I asked him why he would support Obama over Clinton, given that they had basically the same proposals but she had more experience and we knew so much more about her.

His answer, in essence, was: “Obama!”

We all have our favorite daily drive-bys, WHD is one of my favorites for no other reason than to see what time Obama gets out of bed in the morning/starts his day (average: noonish). Take THAT you hard working tax paying working stiffs ! Just shut up! <—-2012 Democratic Party talking point, FYI.

Since 2008, my favorite daily blog visits include heavy populations of former Dems wondering what happened to their party of ideas and compassion. Many are on my blog roll, please visit them and lend them support. Like minds and all that stuff reflected in the tags.

Oh, and I think Jeremy Hoop is Hawt:

He had me at Jackass chasing a dumb Pachyderm 🙂

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Ode to Jim Treacher and the MOTUS !

I bow to him …AND….

Always the MOTUS !

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So, How GREEN Was Your Earth Day ?

Hmmmm? Hmmmm? Hmmmm? Well, maybe not this green, but more snarkilicious details over at MOTUS, Queen of All Things Green and Other Color Pops

Now here in the ole’hometown, we do have an annual Ode to Garbage held at this beautiful park built on a mountain of garbage. Of course, all events were cancelled today due to historic Gore-bal Warming monsoon rain conditions. It’s almost as though Mother Earth did this on purpose….stay inside, leave me alone!

Mount Trashmore, Virginia Beach, VA
via VaBeach.gov

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Git’yer 2012 Campaign Shirts here…

via the MOTUS

pointed out by Newsbird


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MOTUS: The Kagan-Dem Dance

And love my MOTUS 🙂

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