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S.T.F.U. N.O.W.

palin c-nt

It’s not you, it’s me. For as long as I can remember you only support women on the left? You know, the Dancing Vaginas, Punch-that-card-Hillary-until-Obama-was-the-chosen-one, Sandra-astroturf-Fluke and your deafening silence on the Gosnell Torture Chamber for poor minority women. Yeah, for starters. You are part of the reason I left the left. Hypocrisy makes my head hurt. Your support of whatever Obama supports makes my head explode. But hey, keeping women stupid and on your side is all that matters, right? Send me a sign, pressure Obama to stop supporting icky rapey men with our tax money, here and in any other country we “aid”. You just might win me back.


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