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Wake Up America ! via Jon McNaughton

The artist uploaded this video on October 18, 2011. How are we doing so far? Obama was still re-elected and we’re poorer than ever. Maybe this is what Biden meant when he said “Romney will put you all back in chains” ? Links are below to visit Mr. McNaughton’s website and his other political art. Very powerful images that will define the Obama administration for generations to come. We were warned.

We are enslaved to our debt. Wake up, America! Before it is too late…

Every man, woman and child in America is enslaved to the national debt. As an artist, I have painted my vision of the dire circumstances that surround us. Now, more than ever, each American must make a choice: we must unlock the shackles that enslave us, or will we lose our freedom. It is my hope and prayer that America will “wake up” before it is too late.

Those who are familiar with my work know that I like to use symbolism and metaphor to engage the viewer. See if you can find and decipher the many symbols in this image by visiting http://www.jonmcnaughton.com

In the painting I have intentionally hidden six keys that represent solutions that will release us from the chains of economic and political bondage. Find these keys and share them with as many Americans as you can. If we don’t “wake up” future generations may not know what it means to be free.

-Jon McNaughton, political artist

To see an interactive map of this painting, or to find the six keys, please go to http://www.jonmcnaughton.com

Previously posted November 2011 with dedications 😀

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