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newsbird.worpress.com is no longer available

The MO Birdie Intervention Team still has much work to do

“the authors have deleted this blog”

Sadly, the words that greeted me last night when arriving for my daily fix of all things birdie and the snarkilicous birdettes.

I’ve heard from Lynn and she too is unaware of what happened, has contacted Birdie and waiting to hear back.

Thought I’d start a post to give refuge to those of you awaiting news. Or something 😀

Photo courtesy of The Tennis Times


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I’m Supporting for the 2012 GOP Nomination for President of the United States…..


….a brokered convention.

If it can’t be Sarah, can it please be someone who sends butterflies to my belly and fires up my political lost soul ? Tingles down my leg would be nice too. And fer crissakes, please give me a media that doesn’t require a drool rag when they come within 200 feet of Obama. And thank you George Washington for refusing to be a Monarch as First Prez. You got it.

That’s what we’re celebrating today, Happy President’s Day! Oh, and did Obama come out of the WH today and see his shadow ? Yes? EIGHT MORE MONTHS OF CAMPAIGNING, or unemployment, or something 😉

With a loving shout out to my buds at The Crawdad Hole, Newsbird and Keith Koffler. You all get it too.


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Wake Up AMerica

I’m dedicating this to Riverdaughter and Not Your Sweetie. And my new BFF’s at the fishing hole. And my dysfunctional famlies at DU and Dkos.

h/t MichelleIndependent at Newsbird


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It’s Really So Simple….Update Your Blogrolls !

Full View

If you’re not reading The Crawdad Hole, you’re UNinformed. The best of the left and right, and definitely the in-betweeners, where thinking heads are scratched daily.

H/T video Lynn2 at Newsbird Graphic via Crawdad

MO fun links too, add them 🙂

Cripes Suzette

Having fun now 🙂

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Git’yer 2012 Campaign Shirts here…

via the MOTUS

pointed out by Newsbird


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Charles Krauthammer: “Leave Bar-r-rack Alone!”

I love this man, but…..wait, what?

Stop complaining about the cost of Obama’s trip to India; it’s worth every penny

via wonkette

….and stop grousing about the cost of his Asia trip.

As a now recovering-dribbling-foaming-at-the-mouth-clueless-of-truth-and-facts liberal, I always liked Charles’ opinions, he never talked down to me and I always learned a conservative point or two that “my team” was missing. Though my grousing habits are hard to shake from my blonde bimbo daze, I’ll try and do better….like ABC and CBS.

Or El WaPo.

However, there is still Michelle, so I grouse from the center-right these days 🙂


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Our “Inventive” First Lady Fashion Icon

Well, we all have our good days….and bad days. In high school it was called Backwards Day…..we wore our clothes backwards for fun and school spirit. But. This. Is. Our. First. Lady….(good eye chris of NB!)

photo Getty Images via Daylife

US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walk across the tarmac after disembarking from Air Force One upon arrival at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, October 17, 2010. The Obamas are scheduled to speak at a Democratic fundraiser before continuing to Columbus, Ohio, to speak at a DNC rally.

Flashback to Oct 3, 2010, via Mrs-O…….

Image by Saul Loeb / Getty Images

The first family spent the weekend away at Camp David — hopefully a relaxing, fall retreat for the Os! Mrs. O debuted two, new casual ensembles while traveling to and from, including an inventive lace-back top.

More photos of the front of the back being worn in the front via Newsbird

Can you imagine if Sarah or Hillary did this? Or Laura Bush….?


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To Obama: I’m willing to cut government (via Newsbird’s Views)

Team Birdie rocks too!

Obama drives me crazy. He keeps referring to this recession as having taken 10 years to make thus it can't be solved in a short time. In less than 2 years he has managed to put the country into a position where the future is very uncertain and the people object to the bills/policies he has already completed or plans to complete. Obama during the CBC gala: "The challenge for the tea party movement is to identify specifically 'What would you do?'" … Read More

via Newsbird's Views

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Behold ! Perception!

Via Newsbird, Pajamas Media and Instapundit

Possibly our 2012 Overture?


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Cleveland. Rocks.

Another shout out to Lynn over at Newsbird

We have so much fun over there 🙂

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