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Time to Awaken the 2012 Change Candidate (via The Crawdad Hole)

Time to Awaken the 2012 Change Candidate Now there have been some vile and speciest rumors that The Dread One is not qualified to run for President because he was spawned from the stars, or possibly the planet Vhoorl, but I assure you that I have personally seen his birth spawn certificate in person when I travelled to his birth place of Sunnydale, California and it is perfectly legit. In fact here is a picture of on the right. Ok, so it's not exactly a long form, but I have been assure … Read More

via The Crawdad Hole

Via votermom too 🙂


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“Can’t Do Obama Jokes”

Quick, before youtube “scrubs” it 😉 Can we laugh at Obama yet?

This is a bit about how hard it is to tell an Obama Joke because of how over-protective the people are who love him. A friend emailed me and said Rush Limbaugh said something similar to this today on his show I just wanted to let everyone know I have been doing this for over a year!

VIA Ross Bennett

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