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“Sacrifice” ?

afghan troops

Ten US soldiers killed in Afghanistan


Obama’s take motorcade for a spin to fancy restaurant to CELEBRATE their 17th wedding anniversary !

Ok, my lefty buddies will say, no, scream….”can’t they have a personal life!” ? I say sure, but stop spending my money on gas to take you away from the White House every chance you get….especially to celebrate your first wedding anniversary IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

Looks like SNL is starting to catch on. Will the Washington Press Corps?


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Experience…Waking the Giant: A Letter to a Representative, shared by a friend.

To get you in the mood….as this always stirs my patriotic heart….have you written your congressman today?

I hear my friend sing, how about you ?! This is a copy of a letter my friend wrote that went to MY Rep, I hope you’re as lucky in your CD 🙂 Get inspired and share with your friends too…..

I am writing to you with great concern as I watch the Obama Administration embark on a course of action that I believe will erode our freedoms, weaken our national security and bankrupt the nation both financially and morally. My concern is compounded knowing that the 111th Congress has lost sight of the fact that they work for us (I am reminded of what 111 means in bowling).

The Executive Branch is attempting to become more powerful than it has ever been, or designed to be. The President is surrounding himself with people of questionable backgrounds who have clearly made alarming statements that confirm their dangerous beliefs. Some are admitted Socialists, some are Marxists, most are Anti-Capitalists and a few have absolutely no regard for the sanctity of life young or old. These so-called Czars have an agenda that is frightening not only to me but also to every one of my friends. I find it hard to believe that this blatant attempt to empower the Executive Branch and upset the balance of power has not been openly challenged by you or any of your colleges. This should be an enormous “red flag,” one that needs to be put at half mast.

I am totally against the President’s attempt to ramrod bills such as Healthcare, Cap and Trade and a Stimulus package down our throats. Obviously the Stimulus Package has done nothing to lessen the increasing unemployment or stop the perceived recession. Where are these “shovel-ready” projects? What his unbridled spending will do is cause a deficit that will bankrupt the country. What happened to the Democrat’s mantra that was parroted by every Democrat each time the Republicans wanted to do something constructive, namely, “how are you going to pay for it?” Now, through the Attorney General, the President is embarking on an investigation into the CIA that will surely destroy morale and weaken our National Security. It is quite obvious that this particular move is politically motivated and designed to draw our attention away from the real issues the President has with the Healthcare Bill. No one would argue with the fact that Healthcare needs reform, but the reform it needs should not include coverage to the nearly twelve million illegal aliens that use over $300B dollars a year of our tax dollars. Their contribution of an estimated $5B dollars in taxes is pale in comparison. Healthcare reform should include:

Tort Reform. Many Lawsuits are generated as a result of mistakes made by Interns and Resident doctors who are working 36-hour shifts trying to meet the demands of an already over-burdened healthcare system. And the President wants to add 47M people.

Competition. There needs to be competition across State lines. The American Public should be able to get Insurance coverage wherever they can find it, and at competitive costs.

Fraud. The Healthcare system is infected with fraud. One example that is all too common results when Doctors in the same clinic stick their head in the door and saying hello. Their unannounced and unnecessary visit ends up on the bill. The false charges in Medicare bills are notorious.

Nuisance Fee. There ought to be a nuisance fee every time anyone visits a doctor’s office or clinic, and for any reason. All too many people go to the doctor when they don’t need to be there. Twenty-five to fifty dollars out of pocket for each visit would certainly help to relieve an already overburdened system.

Exemptions. If a young healthy individual doesn’t want coverage let them sign a waiver. If, for some reason, they need an expensive procedure or operation then provide a low interest government loan similar to the education loans.

Non-Exemptions. All politicians SHALL be required to use the Health Plan they pass. The plan shall not include any special provisions or wording that would allow the politicians to have any type of health coverage not offered to every citizen.

Single Payer. The idea that the Government could possibly run an effective and efficient healthcare program is ludicrous. I will gladly support it when the Post Office shows a profit.

Diet and exercise. Bring “dodge ball” back. Healthcare is not a short-term fix. It needs to start at a young age. Exercise and proper nutrition needs to be taught at an early age.

It amazes me that so few of our political leaders have read the Healthcare Bill. It even amazes me more that they would admit that they haven’t read it (what was Rep. John Conyers thinking?) I hope that you are not one of them.

Although my communication has focused mainly on the Healthcare Issue I am equally concerned with:

The negative effects that will result if Cap and Trade is passed.

The Government’s refusal to capitalizing on our vast Oil and Natural Gas reserves, especially since the President recently gave Brazil $2B dollars toward off-shore drilling (I guess it is okay if we export the “so-called” negative impact on the environment. Isn’t that like swimming in the non-peeing end of the pool?)

Continued funding of a space program that has met its purpose. What could we possibly gain from going to Mars? The funds and people associated with the space program could be employed to explore ways of neutralizing nuclear waste and perfecting the ability to burn coal cleanly.

Our lack of refining capability. I believe there has not been an oil refinery built in the United States since the early 1970’s.

The insolvency of the Social Security System. When Chancellor Bismarck created the retirement system in Germany the average life expectancy was 67 years. We adopted the same system using statistics from the 1860’s. Obviously the easy fix would be to raise the age of initial eligibility to at least 70.

The lack of any bi-partisan cooperation in both the House and Senate. It is easy to say during the campaign. Neither party has ever delivered.

The whole issue of Globalization. I could care less if the rest of the world eats, drinks or is merry. And I certainly could care less if they like us. I want them to respect us.

The preoccupation with the “Separation of Church and State”. Read both paragraphs of Thomas Jefferson’s letter to Danbury. Only a fool would come to a conclusion that this country wasn’t founded by men with strong Christian principles. Have you ever read the inscriptions on the buildings and monuments in Washington, DC? You take out the Ten Commandments and then wonder why some kid kills his classmates. Take a good hard look at the educational statistics in this country after prayer was taken out of the school environment.

The abortion of nearly fifty million innocent babies. The fact that we have lost so many potential tax payers is only exceeded by the unconscionable moral decay that will undoubtedly destroy America.

As you continue to represent the state of Virginia I hope that you will not forget your pledge to uphold the Constitution as it is written. I have been to many countries and none can compare with the United States of America. Don’t let us become a third world Socialist nation. You may not be convinced that there is an underling grass roots movement that could affect the next round of elections, but let me assure you that there definitely is. The “tea parties” are only the beginning. I may not be able to convince you, but quite frankly I don’t have to. The only thing I have to do is convince just one Democrat.

One Democrat. Priceless 🙂

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1980. Streisand. Diamond.

2012. Carter. Obama.



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Obama Wonka White House cancels tour for 100 kindergarteners, no Golden Tickets!


As the mom of 3 former kindergartners, and currently, grandma of twin kindergarteners, I’m going to try to keep my outrage in prospective. Though, I have to wonder why a WH Tour is on a kindergarten field trip calendar? Were they invited? Afterall, one of FLOTUS’s pet causes is her concern for military families, and Stafford County is pretty much a Quantico Marine Base suburb and the National Zoo would have been so much cooler for the kids. But, the damage is done, as are the damaging Obama headlines. American blood follows, not everything in DC can run on time, but it doesn’t have to be so freaking disappointing !

I like the UK’s Daily Mail headline better:

Sobbing five-year-olds snubbed at White House because they were late to see Obama

Stafford, Va to DC is normally a 30 minute shoot into the District, at least when I used to live there before I-95 and beltways, too many years ago. Now, even with high tech highways, I’m sure it’s much longer. One fender bender or a 200 yard lane repair closure could make it even longer. Sometimes days 🙂

The sketchy WH Said-Parents Said details are at the link, but I’ll choose sides with kindergarteners, it’s a no brainer because Steelers fans vote, right?

Not everybody in DC are assholes, like the buffoon staffers at the WH, and I think the staffer who made this “executive decision” should join his cube-rat-mate who made the AF1 Photo-Op decision on the unemployment line. But I digress.

A couple of years ago my husband set up a reunion and tour of The National Vietnam Memorial Wall for his Vietnam company, some who were physically and PTSD challenged. Unfortunately the tour bus company he hired went bankrupt….the day of the scheduled tour. Oh, and they found out when the buses didn’t show up! You can say they were stranded in Fredericksburg and up the river without a paddle. Long story short and thanks to the wonderful staff at the Country Inn buses were sent down from the DC area to pick them up and get them to The Wall. Which took another 2 hours because it put them in rush hour traffic. Okay, by this time they were about 6 hours late for their Official Tour with the National Parks volunteer who was to give them the VIP treatment they give all Vietnam veteran groups. She was there to greet them. Not only that, the “Rescue Tour Bus Company” (and I’m sorry I don’t remember the name) made an unscheduled stop at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington on the way back to reunion hotel in Fredericksburg.

Hey kids, Welcome to the Obama Wonka White House Tour:

….if you’re lucky !


Stafford School System’s Response Statement regarding Conway Elementary School’s Visit to White House:

Stafford County Public Schools and Conway Elementary School appreciate the efforts of the White House staff on behalf of the kindergarten field trip to the White House yesterday (May 21). The kindergarten teachers and school staff planned the outing and knew ahead of time that if the group arrived late, they would not be able to tour the White House. The school’s White House contact and the White House staff made every effort to accommodate the visit and extended the arrival time as long as they possibly could.

The school principal, Roxie Cooper, and the kindergarten teachers made adjustments in the educational components of the trip and took the opportunity to teach the children about life’s disappointments. The classes discussed that sometimes in life things do not go as planned and we make adjustments. “Even though the schedule changed, the learning continued,” said School principal, Roxie Cooper.

“We commend our kindergarten students and the many chaperones that showed resilience and positive attitudes,” continued Ms. Cooper. The White House has been in contact with the school administration regarding the possibility of rescheduling the tour and has been extremely supportive of the Conway Cougars visit.

– Valerie Cottongim, Public Information Officer

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Katie Couric gets “prestigious” award for embarrassing Gov. Palin


John Ziegler has the details, which he calls a new low point for the media

On April 15th, the “prestigious” (and apparently now openly liberal) USC Annenberg School for Communication will be presenting CBS “Evening News” anchor Katie Couric with the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Journalism.

Now, for there to even be such a thing as an prize for “Excellence in Television Journalism,” in an age where a desperate thirst for ratings has caused most TV “news” to become little more than glorified infotainment, is a bit like passing out awards for fiscal responsibility to members of Congress. But for Katie Couric, the poster child of news as “infotainment,” to be the recipient of such an “honor” is like giving John Murtha or Barney Frank a trophy for frugal spending in Congress.

But what makes this situation so particularly galling is the specific reason why Couric is being honored for her “excellence in journalism.” Couric is being presented with the award for “Special Achievement for National Impact on the 2008 Campaign.”

Please read his blog for his “excellence in tearing this interview apart”.

But that’s not all. Annenberg has a history with Obama…and Bill Ayers. Methinks Ms. Couric is merely getting a thank you gift.

CNN investigated these connections in October of 2008, connections that go back to 1995. Here’s a snip:

A review of board minutes and records by CNN show Obama crossed paths repeatedly with Ayers at board meetings of the Annenberg Challenge Project.

The Annenberg Foundation gave the project a $50 million grant to match local private funds to improve schools, and Ayers fought to bring the grant to Chicago, according to participants and project records.

The project’s organizing committee asked Obama to serve as the board chairman in 1995. Annenberg Project Executive Director Ken Rollings said Ayers was not a member of that ad hoc group when the decision was made.

For seven years, Ayers and Obama — among many others — worked on funding for education projects, including some projects advocated by Ayers.

“The specific job of the board of directors was to give out the money,” said Stanley Kurtz, a conservative researcher for the Ethics and Public Policy Center and frequent Obama critic.

“Instead of giving money directly to schools, they gave money to what they call external partners and these partners were often pretty radical community organizer groups,” said Kurtz, who also has been reviewing the Annenberg Challenge’s recently released records.

Congratulations Katie, you must be so proud of your award.

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Steven Crowder’s “The Obama Song”(Official Version)

“We didn’t drink the kool-aid”


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March Madness….?

Are you punch drunk?

President Barack Obama said he believes the global financial system remains at risk of implosion with the failure of Citigroup or AIG, touching off “an even more destructive recession and potentially depression.”

His remarks came in a “60 Minutes” interview in which he was pressed by an incredulous Steve Kroft for laughing and chuckling several times while discussing the perilous state of the world’s economy.

“You’re sitting here. And you’re— you are laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems. Are people going to look at this and say, ‘I mean, he’s sitting there just making jokes about money—’ How do you deal with— I mean: explain. . .” Kroft asks at one point.

“Are you punch-drunk?” Kroft says.

“No, no. There’s gotta be a little gallows humor to get you through the day,” Obama says, with a laugh.

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Seriously, can we laugh now ?

This for those late night shows I so used to enjoy, yeah you Letterman, Colbert, Stewart and SNL….what has happened to you? Media “jokes” are getting old, snarky stabs at Pelosi, Palin, Hillary and the rest of the administration…boring. May I present Iman Crosson, a brillantly funny parody of President Obama:

If you’re asking how this is a commercial? and what are we selling?…ourselves! 🙂

There was another great impersonator, another “black” man, so how could it be racist? Keegan Michael Key was another brilliant Obama parody on MADTv, and this show was cancelled shortly after this primary spoof appeared:

Make us laugh again, please ?


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Was Henrietta Hughes an Obama Town Hall “plant”?



Just how badly does Obama want this stimulus passed? Many questions about how a homeless woman gets, not only a front row spot at an Obama “tent revival”, but asks a question and gets this close to him…..?

A reader commented at Michelle Malkin’s site and framed this very well:

You know you cannot just “enter” an Obama town hall meeting. They give out tickets in advance. Who gets the tickets? People who stand in line and wait. Who tells people when and where Obama will appear next? Certainly not the Secret Service who has to protect this man. Not the MSM, who are too busy telling us how great he is without asking any critical questions.

Sooooo… how does a 61 year-old homeless woman who’s living in a pickup truck with her son JUST HAPPEN to get a ticket so she can VERY PUBLICALLY ask Prez. Obama for a HOUSE? Anyone? Who pushes her up on stage? She’s right at the front of the crowd. Did she just happen to get a seat there?

Now, within moments of this happening, it’s trumpeted all over the news. AND, surprise, surprise, the wife of State Representative Nick Thompson, Chene Thompson JUST HAPPENS to have a spare house worth $150,000 lying around, so she GIVES it to this unemployed, homeless, living-in-a-truck woman. They’ve been homeless for “more than a year”, which coincidentally, predates the current housing and banking crisis by quite a while. How did they learn about the “Obama Town Hall and Tent Revival”? Were homeless people simply rounded up? Did someone pre-canvas the area in search of “great, tear-jerking stories”? Of all the people in the audience, SHE’S one of the ones Obama chooses to ask a question?

BTW-the taxes which will be charged on this “free house” will bankrupt the poor woman. Taxes are levied based on the home’s assessed value, not on the basis of it being a “free gift”.

On a second, double-snort, the last guy who gets to ask a question JUST HAPPENS to be a 19-year-old kid of Hispanic descent who’s going to Edison State College (free tuition perhaps for in-state students?) and has worked at McDonalds for FOUR AND A HALF YEARS. By my math, he started working there when he was 14! Florida child-labor law infraction, anyone? Now, having worked at McDs several times in my past I can say that they DO offer health care plans. You have to PAY for it, just like everyone else in the country does. It’s OPTIONAL. It’s not a God-given right.

…Do the Thompsons get to claim this as a charitable tax deduction against their (probably) considerable 2009 income? How many houses do they own?

Is there anyone left in the media who will ask these questions? Ever?

Probably not, but I feel Olbermann is cranking up a Special Comment with your name on it Erik E.


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ACORN: Receiving Money from a Bailed Out Bank?

You remember them and their link to the subprime mortage mess? Oh, and they had help……


According to the Business and Media Institute

Obama + ACORN = subprime mortage lending to unqualified borrowers….check
ACORN + Obama = Obama wins election!…..check
Subprime mortage – payments = U.S. banking financial crisis….check
700 Billion (11/2008) to banks to help homeowners in trouble….check
Bank sends bailout money to ACORN….circlejerk complete !

Sidebar: Didn’t the whole subprime mess start when people, like Obama, helped orgs, like Acorn, push those subprime loans on banks, who then gave loans to people, who couldn’t afford/qualify to buy their own homes? D’oh, wasn’t there a program already in place for that? Called rent?

Geesh, all these years I played by the rules, especially having to qualify for a mortage, and for almost 30 years, paid on time?! I’m such a dumba** 😛


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