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Federal Shutdown Creates Skateboarders’ Paradise

It’s illegal, but what the hell, the feds are throwing the elderly out their homes, blocking war veterans from visiting their memorials, but let’s turn the city over to the Beavis and Buttheads ! Awesome! Why not open the Smithsonian museums during inclement weather? Bet the kids would love to do what they do down a dinosauer’s back? Yeah!


You can read the Wall Street Journal story and see the slide show here.

But wait, there is this:

If caught by the police, skaters could have their boards impounded and be given a ticket for a $50 fine. Frustrated officers have chased the skaters on motorcycles, ambushed them by arriving en masse from different directions, tackled and handcuffed them.

Good luck with that. The damage done to the lovely and historic stone work, safety railings, fountains and other landscaping features will be paid by We The People.

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I’m Supporting for the 2012 GOP Nomination for President of the United States…..


….a brokered convention.

If it can’t be Sarah, can it please be someone who sends butterflies to my belly and fires up my political lost soul ? Tingles down my leg would be nice too. And fer crissakes, please give me a media that doesn’t require a drool rag when they come within 200 feet of Obama. And thank you George Washington for refusing to be a Monarch as First Prez. You got it.

That’s what we’re celebrating today, Happy President’s Day! Oh, and did Obama come out of the WH today and see his shadow ? Yes? EIGHT MORE MONTHS OF CAMPAIGNING, or unemployment, or something 😉

With a loving shout out to my buds at The Crawdad Hole, Newsbird and Keith Koffler. You all get it too.


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Obama’s Toy Box

More fun stuff over at AfterMath


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Time to Awaken the 2012 Change Candidate (via The Crawdad Hole)

Time to Awaken the 2012 Change Candidate Now there have been some vile and speciest rumors that The Dread One is not qualified to run for President because he was spawned from the stars, or possibly the planet Vhoorl, but I assure you that I have personally seen his birth spawn certificate in person when I travelled to his birth place of Sunnydale, California and it is perfectly legit. In fact here is a picture of on the right. Ok, so it's not exactly a long form, but I have been assure … Read More

via The Crawdad Hole

Via votermom too 🙂


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