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Virginia Beach ‘R’ Tea’d, and it was fabulous!

Oh yeah, my crappy sign said “Stop Rewarding Failure, Stop Punishing Success”, I was not a Democrat, or a Republican, I was an American on the 15th! Unfortunately, DU belly-ached differently….and that’s what so disturbing about Obots, they drink kool-aid, not tea 🙂

The Virginia Beach Tea Party numbers are in, the local main scream media estimated the crowd at 300, the official police estimate, 1500-2000. So take your national estimates, and triple them! See for yourself….

H/T Hampton Roads Tea Party

Oh, and meet the organizers

….about those DHS “white supremists” warnings? /Snort

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Hey jefferson_dem, this is for you and the DU….

With hopes you all will understand after that nasty thread….enjoy!

And do visit my blogroll….thanks!


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I Pledge! To go batsh*t insane first…..

…..good causes all, but I’m not going to Pledge to Serve the Leader.

More about the video here.


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