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A Day in the Life of a Occupy Wall Street Participant

A message from a 90%er to the 10%ers. Via Bearing Drift

Uploaded by mattwillwork on Oct 8, 2011
A short commentary on the hypocrisy of our friends at the “Occupy” protests. If you agree with the sentiments, be sure to read my ebook “Will Work.” at http://www.willwork-thebook.com.

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Tired of Hate Speech, Team Obama and OWS Sympathizers ? Here’s your Antidote.

Meet Barbara From Harlem. Life is beautiful, video via PoliNation’s Pistol Pete where I always start my day 🙂

And if you’re hungry, please line up at The Crawdad Hole for nom,nom’s 😉


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The Occupy Wall Street, Inc. “Movement” Literally

There’s a video below the graphic that explains the title 🙂 Whether you support OWS or not, you’ll be convinced their muddled message is definitely bass-ackwards. Oh, and now that they’ve raised $300k, plus donations of food, supplies and a warehouse to keep them in, shouldn’t they be protesting themselves?

via Knowledge is Power

“Cleaning up Wall Street before cleaning up Washington is like wiping your ass before taking a dump”

Maybe the protesters should consider running for Congress ?


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It’s Really So Simple….Update Your Blogrolls !

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If you’re not reading The Crawdad Hole, you’re UNinformed. The best of the left and right, and definitely the in-betweeners, where thinking heads are scratched daily.

H/T video Lynn2 at Newsbird Graphic via Crawdad

MO fun links too, add them 🙂

Cripes Suzette

Having fun now 🙂

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