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Laura Ingraham vs. Gloria Feldt – Hey “feminists” where’s the outrage?

On May 1, 2009, Gloria Feldt told Laura Ingraham that Carrie Prejean, Miss California, “deserved what she got (from Perez Hilton, Michael Musto and Keith Olbermann)” for stating her personal moral views on marriage. Bruce Nahin at The New Agenda also asked “Where’s the Outrage?” See for yourself, does Gloria Feldt speak for YOU ?


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Was Henrietta Hughes an Obama Town Hall “plant”?



Just how badly does Obama want this stimulus passed? Many questions about how a homeless woman gets, not only a front row spot at an Obama “tent revival”, but asks a question and gets this close to him…..?

A reader commented at Michelle Malkin’s site and framed this very well:

You know you cannot just “enter” an Obama town hall meeting. They give out tickets in advance. Who gets the tickets? People who stand in line and wait. Who tells people when and where Obama will appear next? Certainly not the Secret Service who has to protect this man. Not the MSM, who are too busy telling us how great he is without asking any critical questions.

Sooooo… how does a 61 year-old homeless woman who’s living in a pickup truck with her son JUST HAPPEN to get a ticket so she can VERY PUBLICALLY ask Prez. Obama for a HOUSE? Anyone? Who pushes her up on stage? She’s right at the front of the crowd. Did she just happen to get a seat there?

Now, within moments of this happening, it’s trumpeted all over the news. AND, surprise, surprise, the wife of State Representative Nick Thompson, Chene Thompson JUST HAPPENS to have a spare house worth $150,000 lying around, so she GIVES it to this unemployed, homeless, living-in-a-truck woman. They’ve been homeless for “more than a year”, which coincidentally, predates the current housing and banking crisis by quite a while. How did they learn about the “Obama Town Hall and Tent Revival”? Were homeless people simply rounded up? Did someone pre-canvas the area in search of “great, tear-jerking stories”? Of all the people in the audience, SHE’S one of the ones Obama chooses to ask a question?

BTW-the taxes which will be charged on this “free house” will bankrupt the poor woman. Taxes are levied based on the home’s assessed value, not on the basis of it being a “free gift”.

On a second, double-snort, the last guy who gets to ask a question JUST HAPPENS to be a 19-year-old kid of Hispanic descent who’s going to Edison State College (free tuition perhaps for in-state students?) and has worked at McDonalds for FOUR AND A HALF YEARS. By my math, he started working there when he was 14! Florida child-labor law infraction, anyone? Now, having worked at McDs several times in my past I can say that they DO offer health care plans. You have to PAY for it, just like everyone else in the country does. It’s OPTIONAL. It’s not a God-given right.

…Do the Thompsons get to claim this as a charitable tax deduction against their (probably) considerable 2009 income? How many houses do they own?

Is there anyone left in the media who will ask these questions? Ever?

Probably not, but I feel Olbermann is cranking up a Special Comment with your name on it Erik E.


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