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Nick from Reason :)

…my last word on one nation, I think, still getting those Mall trashing vids…sigh….

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One Nation of Moonbats March on Washington (via Nice Deb)

Great overview from Nice Deb for the One Nation Rally for Hypocrites Who Want to Banish Rich People So We Can Get Jobs! Oh, and they want homes and education, but want me to pay for it! Enjoy the photos and…..free lunch!

One Nation of  Moonbats March on Washington Let the ironies begin: Ex-moderate Senator Gillibrand, along with thousands of Communists, radicals and union astroturfers, is endorsing the One Nation march on Washington. I believe the NY Senator is also up for reelection. Here's her endorsement on twitter: SenGillibrand #OneNation rally in DC is an important effort to bring the country together as we head into Nov elections. #dc10210 about 9 hours ago via web Some other well wishers include th … Read More

via Nice Deb


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