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President Palin’s First 100 Days are a Disaster!

Official White House Photo

Official White House Photo

NRO’s Victor Davis Hanson rounds up the top news stories from President Palin’s young administration and the horrific direction she’s taking our country. OMG! Thanks to our free speechifying media for doing their jobs and keeping all Americans informed, it’s not too late to stop this mad woman destroying our country ! So grab your teabags, anti-war signs, code pink costumes, petitions, laptops, crackberries, cell phones, tweets and join me and other patriots in solidarity to take our country back! Oh wait…..

“Ted Stevens may have gotten off,” wrote Bob Herbert in the New York Times, “but he taught our Sarah something first — like using $100-a-pound beef for her state dinners. And what’s this $50 mil for her inauguration gala? Since when do you fly in your favorite pizza-maker from across the country on our dime? Or send the presidential 747 for a spin over the Big Apple for a third-of-a-million-dollar joyride? Does Palin think she’s still in Alaska and has to have everything flown in from the South 48 by jumbo jet?”

Also in the Times, Gail Collins weighed in on the already-tired yokelism of the new commander in chief. “What we’re getting is Wasilla chic. That’s what we’re getting. She arrives in the Oval Office, and first thing sends back Blair’s gift of the Churchill bust as if it’s a once-worn Penney’s outfit. Then she gives the Brits some unwatchable DVDs as a booby prize — as if she idled the old Yukon and ran into Target’s sale aisle. Did Sarah send Bristol into Wal-Mart back in Anchorage for that ‘engraved’ iPod for the queen? And what’s this don’t-bow-to-the-queen stuff, but curtsy for a Saudi sheik? Maybe that explains why she brags to Stephanopoulos about her ‘Muslim faith.’ So far, the best things going for her are Todd’s biceps.”

“Well,” lectured Paul Krugman, again in the Times, “we were worried that they didn’t teach math at Idaho U., and now we know for sure they don’t. Is it $1.6 trillion, $1.7 trillion, or $2 trillion in red ink this year? Are we supposed to be impressed that she offers ‘fiscal sobriety’ by cutting 0.003 percent of the budget? She gives out money to those who don’t pay taxes and calls it a tax cut. And now Queen Sarah tells us that in four years she’ll ‘halve’ the deficit, as if she hasn’t borrowed another $5 trillion in the meantime. Does she think we’re morons? How many ‘Drill, baby, drill!’ oil wells can she tap into up there in Alaska to pay for the extra $11 trillion in debt she’s saddling us with?”

ABC’s Katie Couric summed up the general disappointment with the president’s communication skills. “I tried to warn the American people in that interview a few years back what they would get if they voted for her. Let’s face it: She’s a walking embarrassment. I mean just count ’em up: The mayor of Wasilla thinks Austrians speak some lingo called ‘Austrian.’ Then she tries her hand at Spanish and comes up with some concoction, ‘Cinco de Cuatro.’ Next thing she’ll walk into the window of the Oval Office and expect it to open — oops, she’s already done that. No wonder that when her Teleprompter stalls, she shuts her mouth until it catches up. I’m surprised she managed to get sworn in. And did she think that tasteless ‘Special Olympics’ slur was funny? Or making fun of octogenarian Nancy Reagan’s séances? No wonder Wanda Sykes feels at home.”

Oh, there’s more, sniff, just too verklempt to repeat the sacred words (and push Fair Use too far) of Frank Rich, Sally Quinn, MoDo, Chris Matthews, Eugene Robinson and Howard Kurtz.

….nevermind and God Bless America 🙂


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Governor Palin’s address to the 2009 Special Olympics in Boise, Idaho

(H/T Hot Air)

This video was posted to YouTube March 7, 2009. Long before “Shecky” Obama’s visit to the Tonight Show. As the mom of a former Special Olympian, I’m beyond mad, I’m deeply hurt that the President of the United States can gaffe off on one of the bravest segments of our society……special needs children and the families that love them.

“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” ~ Special Olympics Motto

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Sarah Palin, Super Friend to the Girl Scouts and Awesome Cookie Seller


From the Juneau Empire:

Gov. Sarah Palin meets with Juneau Girl Scouts to help sell cookies at Fred Meyer on Saturday. Last Sunday, two Girl Scouts were robbed by a masked assailant as they were leaving Fred Meyer with proceeds from their cookie sales. A 17-year-old suspect has been arrested for the crime. Juneau Fred Meyer Store Director Jaime San Miguel, on behalf of Fred Meyer, presented Girl Scout Troop 32 with a check for $800 to replace the money that was robbed. Fred Meyer also matched dollar for dollar all of the cookie sales for the time Gov. Palin helped the Girl Scouts at the store. The Girl Scouts sold 943 boxes of cookies for a grand total of $3772.

People.com also carried the story,

Alaska governor Sarah Palin strode through the produce section of Juneau’s Fred Meyer supermarket Saturday morning, smiling and waving with an entourage of youngsters in tow.

“These are my children, Willow, Piper and [11-month-old] Trig,” Palin told an excited group of Girl Scouts. Then Palin, 45, motioned to a baby bundled in a hoodie, held and bottle-fed by Piper. “And this is my grandbaby Tripp,” she said of the infant son of her daughter Bristol, 18.

“He’s only 2-months-old. It’s kind of surreal!,” she added.

Palin was taking a break from governing the nation’s largest state to help Juneau’s Girl Scout Troop 32 sell cookies after the group lost all for their previous proceeds in a robbery the week before. “I read about it in the newspaper and I said, ‘Well, me and the kids have an hour on Saturday, let’s go down and help,'” she explained. “This age is so precious.”

The People article also includes the obligatory update on Bristol, who was off at a charity event herself. Mom had all the kids with her!


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Obama rewards Troopergate Chairman


Holly Robichaud of the Boston Herald blogs

Surprise. Surprise. President Barack Obama has done a nationwide search and appointed the Chairman of the Troopergate investigation as Director of Alaskan Affairs at the Interior Department. Is this a case of political payback for a smear job well done on Governor Sarah Palin??? Yes!

On March 2, 2009 State Senator Kim Elton, who was the Chairman of the Legislative Council investigating Troopergate, resigned to take an appointment at the Interior Department.

Maybe it is Elton who should be investigated for misuse of the Legislative Council.

….and she connects the dots brilliantly…..

Elton is a long-time friend of Pete Rouse, who was Senator Obama’s chief of staff and campaign advisor. (Rouse currently serves in the White House as a Senior Advisor.) According to CNN reports after Governor Sarah Palin was selected for the GOP ticket, the Obama campaign contacted the PSEA Union that represented Trooper Wooten and filed the phony complaint against her.

The connection between Elton and the Obama campaign should have served as a warning sign, but the liberal media wanted Palin’s scalp so they overlooked the relationship.

On several occasions Freedom of Information Requests were filed for emails, phone logs and other communications between the Obama campaign and Senator Elton. They were refused on the claim that FOIAs do not apply to legislators. Why not disclose all information in order to make the investigation legitimate? Because Elton had no intention of being impartial.

In fact, his investigation became so politically charged that 5 state legislators filed suit against the Chairman, Senator Hollis French, and the Democrats’ handpicked investigator, Stephen Branchflower.

….now the me$$y part….

In an attempt to restore impartiality to the proceedings, Alaska’s Speaker of the House, John Harris requested a special meeting with the Legislative Council, but his request was refused.

Elton continued on his witch hunt to destroy Palin by allowing the investigator to write the report before witnesses were even interviewed, misconstrue certain evidence and disregard evidence that was helpful to Palin.

Minutes after the Branchflower Report was publicly released, Elton told the Anchorage Daily News that perhaps people will know how to vote in November.

Furthermore, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Senator Elton donated $2250 to the Obama campaign. Clearly, Elton was vested in the outcome of the Presidential race and played smear politics with Governor Palin’s reputation in order to help sway the election.

So much for Obama’s change politics. It is dirty politics as usual.

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John Ziegler’s “Media Malpractice” ~ The Hot Air Review

This is a scene from the highly anticipated documentary “Media Malpractice.” Explosive revelations about the news media coverage of the election. See how the media covered up and distorted Joe Biden’s “international test” coments. For more information go to www.HowObamaGotElected.com.

Courtesy of Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

The overwhelming sense that one gets on first viewing John Ziegler’s new documentary, Media Malpractice, is deja vu. I’d call it nostalgia, except John doesn’t relive “Happy Days”, but a constant drumbeat of advocacy for Barack Obama on the part of the media. On top of that, John also documents a blistering, biased attack on Sarah Palin that occasionally veered into the pathological, as well as an ancillary attack on Joe Wurzelbacher, who happened to ask Obama the right question at the exact wrong time.
Happily, or perhaps unhappily, I recalled each incident and attack quite clearly, as I had spent most of the last two years documenting them here at Hot Air or at Captain’s Quarters before that. In that sense, it’s difficult to predict how many eyes Media Malpractice will open. At its premiere last night, the audience comprised mostly conservative activists and writers, the very people who could have quoted chapter and verse from the media Obama hymnal. The compilation of so much material into the span of this documentary may prove very shocking to the people who paid less attention, or who took media reports at face value during the campaign.
John has made this an entertaining trip into the heart of Obama as media creation. It runs a little long for a documentary, and starts off less organized thematically than it ends, with a strong, organized finish — but that may be from the very nature of the widespread effort by the media to run interference for Obama. Skeptics will find openings for criticism, as John casts a wide net; for instance, Palin herself notes that commentators have a place in news media while John focuses heavily on pundits like Chris Matthews and Campbell Brown for criticism. John also uses Saturday Night Live events for both support and criticism, which weakens his argument slightly regarding NBC.
No matter. The sheer weight of the evidence John expertly documents, and the clever and telling juxtaposition of the widely varying treatment Obama and Joe Biden received from the media from Palin will have even the skeptics admitting that John has a point. In fact, John saves his best evidence for last, in two widely-remarked polls showing and confirming that Obama voters were significantly less knowledgeable about politics and the specifics of the election. That is John’s entire point; the media served the nation poorly in one of its most important functions and left an electorate drowning in ignorance. John claims that he bears no ill will towards Barack Obama and hopes he succeeds, but that the media failed — utterly.
The most affecting moments of this documentary come when John shows Palin watching the specific clips he documents in this film, some of them the first time Palin had seen them. When the topic runs to Bristol, Trig, and maternity, Palin is unable to hide her pain, at least momentarily. John has also included in the DVD the entire unedited interview with Sarah Palin, which we did not have time to watch last night.
John told me last night that he will hold showings of the movie in selected cities over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on John’s website for more details, or better yet, buy your own copy now.

Now, Spread the Word !

….the next election depends on it 🙂

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Seriously, can we laugh now ?

This for those late night shows I so used to enjoy, yeah you Letterman, Colbert, Stewart and SNL….what has happened to you? Media “jokes” are getting old, snarky stabs at Pelosi, Palin, Hillary and the rest of the administration…boring. May I present Iman Crosson, a brillantly funny parody of President Obama:

If you’re asking how this is a commercial? and what are we selling?…ourselves! 🙂

There was another great impersonator, another “black” man, so how could it be racist? Keegan Michael Key was another brilliant Obama parody on MADTv, and this show was cancelled shortly after this primary spoof appeared:

Make us laugh again, please ?


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Why does Ashley Judd hate caribou?

Bagging a celebutard tag here. I love typing celebutard as much as I love wolves too Ms. Judd-without-a-clue. And since your story won’t go away (Google/People/glossies hate Sarah Palin as much as you and Defenders of Wildlife do, but they make more money, d’oh). Disclaimer, I’m a bunny and tree hugging advocate too, but unlike you, I do it for free. I guess that makes me a real compassionate earth loving Bambi hugging dork. Anyhoo…

For one thing, Alaska isn’t Hollyweird. And another thing, you didn’t do your homework, so you may want to fire your PR guy. But I digress, here, Ms. Judd are my suggestions for your next round of compassion:

Millions of Red Winged Blackbirds killed every year to save BIRD SEED crops!

Cormorants slaughtered to protect FISH FARMS !

Millibrazillions more of Canada Goose eggs will be squished or sprayed to save human lives on airliners and so golfers can enjoy their Sunday rounds once again.

All are perfectly legal actions. You owe Governor Palin an apology. Not because you disagree with her, but because you’re part of the problem, not the solution.


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Two Mommies and a Tabloid

Who let Michelle Obama, who allowed her daughters, to appear on this rag cover?

Uhm, then who was behind the Palin Smear Cover?

Change we can believe in ? I don’t think so 😦

Sort of an Update(02.03.09) In case you missed NBC’s Matt Lauer’s interview with PBO on Super Bowl Sunday, you may have missed Mattie bringing to the attention….to an entire pre-Bowl buzzed nation….that indeed Ms. Simpson’s “weight problem” photo deleted Obama’s face off the cover! On close observation, yes you can see part of his white shirt sleeve. Thank you Matt for covering the First Family like you were a 3rd string reporter for a high school newspaper and forcing the President to acknowledge Jessica Simpson seems to have a weight issue ! Puh-leeeze. Can we have a little class?


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“First Dude” Sighting !


h/t to DraftPalin2012 who also has the video and snips from Governor Palin’s “State of the State” address on 01.22.09 in Juneau, AK.

Also, Greta Van Susteren thinks Todd should be getting an award from Feminists!


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Sarah Palin’s “Media Malpractice”


Thank you Gov Palin and John Ziegler, my heroes in moving the media accountibility meme forward. I’m sure Hillary would approve, and she would say so, if her lips weren’t so firmly attached to PEBO’s ass right now. Sigh.

All the good stuff is here

Stay informed, get on the email list !


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