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Tired of Hate Speech, Team Obama and OWS Sympathizers ? Here’s your Antidote.

Meet Barbara From Harlem. Life is beautiful, video via PoliNation’s Pistol Pete where I always start my day 🙂

And if you’re hungry, please line up at The Crawdad Hole for nom,nom’s 😉


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“We the People” – Ava Aston

Country before party, another inspiring video……

“We The People” is a song I wrote over the weekend of the 9/12 March. My desire is to inspire Americans who are frustrated and feel discouraged to become invigorated & to stand up and take back our Republic.

The upcoming elections in November 2010, as well as the next Presidential election will determine what America will become. I hope and pray with every fiber of my being that we citizens Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever… will unite and fight to keep our Republic the way it was intended. Liberty, Justice and Freedom for every citizen, and for us to be governed For the People and By the People as our Constitution instructs. Video produced and created by Erimac Entertainment ~Ava Aston

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Krista Branch: “I Am America”

“……two parties, same results….”

More about Krista here.

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Happy Birthday America ! ~July 4, 2010~

Take a dramatic ride through the most profound time in American History courtesy of LisaJ4Liberty


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For the people who think they’re crazy enough to change the world….

……yes you can, and you will !

h/t Hampton Roads Tea Party


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“We the People” Are Not Giving Up !

h/t to Cherry Walker at Hillbuzz

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