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Introducing a new blogger at Peacocks and Lilies, a new Independent Thinker, thanks Obama for all this good stuff. 😉

peacocks and lilies

My name is Anthony, and I’m an Independent who supports Mitt Romney. God, that sounds like I’m at a 12 Step meeting. Maybe its because I live in Manhattan and there aren’t a lot of us who have ‘come out’ here, or maybe its because the MSM has convinced us that we must meet in secret and speak in Pig Latin. Who knows? All I know is I’m not up for any of that bullshit, so I’m ready to come out swinging.

Any of you who might live in Obama Country know how difficult this can be.  Your neighbors, friends and entire state voted overwhelmingly for him in 2008. Now they have buyer’s remorse but don’t have the balls to admit it, so its up to you to break the ice at social gatherings. My advice? Close your eyes, hold your breath and jump in with both feet. Everyone’s going…

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A Day Without Sunshine ….

White House Press Corps circa Kennedy

….Would be missing my daily fix at the White House Dossier. Keith writes:

During the Democratic primaries in 2008, I asked a liberal friend of mine whether he was going to support Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He thought for a second and casually responded, “Obama.”

Now who hasn’t had this conversation with an Obama supporter ? I asked him why he would support Obama over Clinton, given that they had basically the same proposals but she had more experience and we knew so much more about her.

His answer, in essence, was: “Obama!”

We all have our favorite daily drive-bys, WHD is one of my favorites for no other reason than to see what time Obama gets out of bed in the morning/starts his day (average: noonish). Take THAT you hard working tax paying working stiffs ! Just shut up! <—-2012 Democratic Party talking point, FYI.

Since 2008, my favorite daily blog visits include heavy populations of former Dems wondering what happened to their party of ideas and compassion. Many are on my blog roll, please visit them and lend them support. Like minds and all that stuff reflected in the tags.

Oh, and I think Jeremy Hoop is Hawt:

He had me at Jackass chasing a dumb Pachyderm 🙂

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