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UPDATE(2):Girl with a Wrench- A New Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Yep, that’s my kid. Her business opened last August on the New Front, the Bushwick Brooklyn Gentrification, USA Front

I’d like to thank James Hodges’ lovely blog on my girl, Woman in Charge for recognizing yet another Tree is Growing in Brooklyn

UPDATE: From a GLBT website review

Chicks, Bikes and Brooklyn: A Woman-Owned Bike Shop in a Changing Neighborhood
Posted by: Sarah Pappalardo | 01.15.2009 | comment feed
As I pet two curled-up, matching black cats, KT Higgins gets up to grab the ringing phone that sits in a pile of bike tools and unopened gear. “Bike Shop,” she says, and answers a few questions before sitting down with the cats and me.
In its six months of existence, this unassuming building on DeKalb Avenue has been called “Brooklyn Bikes,” “Bike Shop” and, most recently, “Velo Bikes.” With nothing but a hanging canvas sign to mark its place, this one-room, woman-owned bike shop is evolving as rapidly as the neighborhood it occupies….more…

Girl power rolls on 🙂

Update2 h/t to Sarah and my favorite Brooklyn website!

…and KT’s a movie star too 🙂 Appearing at about :54 before she gets hit by the cab…she’s fine!


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“PEDAL” – The Movie Trailer

My daughter worked her way through college as a New York City Bicycle Messenger. This is the trailer from the documentary which she appears briefly at :53….it still gives me chills to watch.

From the dvd jacket:
PEDAL is a documentary about New York City’s bicycle messengers. All of the footage in this film was taken between 1998 and 2000. In 2001 PEDAL premiered at the South by South West Film Festival and was later acquired by the Sundance Channel, where it aired through 2004.

…. and she walked away from that accident without a scratch !  My crazy daughter is just fine. 🙂  She recently opened her own bike shop in Brooklyn.

The entire documentary “Pedal”  is available at your favorite blog’s Amazon.com fundraising link. 

Just search “Pedal” by Peter Sutherland on Amazon.  And yes, my kid still gets residuals.

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