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Achmed Selfie with his Bestie

Yes it’s a photoshop, I checked it out 😀

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Air Force One – 329k, Photoshop – $15, O’Irony – Priceless

Real or a Photoshop?

Courtesy NRO

Courtesy NRO

NRO’s Mark Hemingway gives us the answer:

This reader writes, “I am a graphic designer in Southern California. I spent ten minutes throwing this together this morning, which at my rates equals about 15 dollars. However, I will settle for the thanks of a grateful nation.”

and this gem, a missed campaign opportunity?

Courtesy NRO

Courtesy NRO

Over at Hillary’s Village, a more “serious” turn:

h/t Free Republic

h/t Free Republic

Hot Air brings us up-to-date on the sheer stupidity, cost and dumbasses behind the “training mission”, also noting:

The cost of this debacle, by the way? Just shy of $329,000. Think of it as a stimulus: The amount of booze, smokes, and anti-anxiety meds alone that New Yorkers must have consumed in the aftermath of this mass panic attack was probably worth $10-20 mil to the city.

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