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“Saddle your pony, here we go…” a nostalgic flashback to the Original Mouseketeers

For some reason, I’ve had this earworm about “saddle a pony and here we go…” everytime our President bumblefarks a promise or yet another agenda item to rush through Congress before his $50k/week vacation in one of the richest towns in America. But I digress, I’m still living in the Mickey Mouse Club World afterall. I never got this pony either 😦 It predated Barbie, we 50’s kids were the most innocent generation EVAH. We wanted ponies or … these cool Mouseketeer ponies ….. just like now 🙂 Life was good……but we already knew the ponies were fake too.

My favorite Mouseketeer was Doreen. We were the same age and had the same embarrassing “Mamie Eisenhower” bangs cut up to our hairline. Straight across and flat with curly hair jutting out from the sides. It looked great on Mamie, but on me, not so much, especially with the Toni Home Perm at the hands of my ex-Marine mother! Thank goodness Jackie was First Lady when I hit the teen years 🙂

You can find updates for your favorite original Mouseketeer here. Sweet.

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Time to rethink the “drinking the kool aid” and move on to stimulating !

Drinkin’ the HalfLytely(tm) !

The kool aid for adults. Yum.

The kool aid for adults. Yum.

For the youngsters who stumble in here, it’s not quite kool aid and it won’t kill you, but you’ll poop your brains out, then someone sticks a 17,000 foot tube up your butt, and then you get a pony !

By the way, what ever happened to MoveOn ?



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