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2014 ~ HappyHappyHappy~ Ya’ll

Since I hold on to old friends and embrace new friends, I’ve found this movie scene a tribute to my quirky New Year’s dilemna. Annoying, but enjoyable, goosebumps. I share….


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I’m a Sarah Jessica Parker Fan, Butt…

Poster girl for when celebrities should STFU about politics

…she’s getting on my last nerve. I can’t even watch SATC reruns anymore.

h/t The Blacksphere


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For the Smithsonian’s further consideration…

I have no problem with this addition to our national collection, along with Jerry’s puffy shirt and Dorothy’s ruby slippers, the lovely Aretha Franklin’s Inaugural thing on her head:


I’m not a designer, obviously, so I’ll let the NYT describe it:

Inauguration Day, it was Aretha Franklin who pulled off the most unexpected sartorial coup.
Few people covered their heads that day, despite the cold. But the Queen of Soul did. She reached back to her gospel roots and adorned herself as if for church, topping her outfit with a dove-gray wool chapeau, dominated by a giant bow set off at a jaunty angle and ringed in sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Let me review recent pop milinary culture, somewhat removed from Obamanation, and present my choices for inclusion for the collection, that taxpayers who support your fine collection, may actually understand, such as:

A “Carrie Bradshaw”/Sarah Jessica Parker milinary original that speaks for, well, some of us:


…or….while not quite worn on the head, most of us understand the historic and flowery wedding bouquet used to bash Big with (probably with the intention he wear it on his head?):


…and for the rest of us, a multipurpose birdfeeder/sunscreen (seed not included) topper:


Thank you for your consideration.

Now about Mrs. Obama’s bedspread and drapes……

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