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Meet the Anti-Sharpton, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate (VA)

Another Tea Party Un-hyphenated American favorite who knocked my socks off with a rally speech a couple of years ago in Norfolk, Va. I think O’Reilly tapped into that the other night. Jackson reminds me of the Bill Cosby speech that got him into trouble with the NAACP, “Whitey didn’t put you in jail, robbing the 7-11 did”

More information on the Jackson4Va campaign. I’m hoping Sarah Palin will endorse him before the Virginia GOP primary against George “Macaca” Allen. Her magic wand seems to be working pretty good during primary season thus far 🙂 Winner goes up against Dem Tim “lips firmly attached to Obama’s ass” Kaine (and former DNC chair, while he was Gov of Virginia!!!!!!!!!)

Here’s that speech from April 2010:

Nothing’s changed.

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