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Kickstarter: Please Help Obama Start WW3 !


Note to NSA: Yes, it’s satire. Though, these days there’s such a fine line.

h/t The Kitchen Cabinet


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Fake Facebook – Syria Edition

Trying some new tricks on the blog, I’m sorta rusty about keeping up with all the WordPress changes so I hit some buttons not knowing what the heck happened and may have to publish it to see what’s in it. Oh snap, I just Pelosi’d 😀

This is so funny. Just click on the link below for a larger, more readable image if you’re drug store readers aren’t keeping up with my schloggin’ bloggin’. Have fun…..


via Best of Cain


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Golf Cart 1’s “Extremely” High Fuel Mileage

Via Neil Braithwaite at American Thinker

Mr. Braithwaite muses……

On par with the Emperor of Rome, Nero, who fancied playing a little fiddle while his home town burned down, our supreme leader, President Barack Obama, likes to play a little golf while the biggest ecological oil spill disaster in United States history takes place off the Gulf coast of America’s back yard.

Using only averages, as precise measurements may never be known, there has been roughly 115 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf since the BP oil rig explosion.

With the best facts reporting that President Obama has played at least seven rounds of golf since the oil spill began, an estimate of just what kind of fuel mileage Obama is getting from his golf cart would be very enlightening – given that the President pushed really hard for mandatory fuel economy standards for America’s auto industry.

Would you believe our supreme leader’s presidential golf cart is averaging a whopping 912,698 gallons of spilled oil per hole!

And I thought electric vehicles were supposed to help reduce fuel consumption.

Maybe Obama should check the tire air pressure in Golf-Cart 1 to try and improve that dismal mileage before his next round of golf.

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“Tips on Stalking Your Children via Twitter and Facebook”

…works on adult kids too !

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“Operation Zero” and a shout out to Helen Thomas!

Click image 2x to enlarge…


or click here

Oh, it’s worth the trouble !

H/T iOwntheworld

On a related note, Hot Air’s Allahpundit points out, with video, how Helen Thomas hammers Gibbs over Obama’s phony town hall

As a commenter summed it up:

Helen was jumping ugly with Gibbs.

Blue on blue, indeed 🙂

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For Sarah, I Have Your Back Girlfriend !

From those trying to destroy you with their own insecurities, like the guy with a tiny pee-pee and that plumpy,angry,hateful,koolaid drinking skank (obviously married to a guy with a tiny pee-pee) in Alaska, I will even keep an eye on that old, cranky guy ! Go for it….

We can do this, because the MSM won’t 🙂 H/T Laurel and Hardy circa 1934

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“Letterman in Obama World” – Late Show Writer’s Meeting

(click 2x to enlarge)


H/T to iOwntheworld

….because the non-apology is just not enough !

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“Everyday Normal Republicans !” (from A Zo and Steven Crowder)

Snarkilicious musings from two conservative humorists.

ALLAHPUNDIT at Hot Air gives a brief synopsis:

An almost exhaustive list of grotesque-yet-mainstream conservative stereotypes, dutifully mocked for your edification and amusement. There’s one obvious omission and I have a hunch why that is: Because when it comes to this particular stereotype, each of our leading men is only too happy to embrace it. Ah well. After years of nonsense like this, you learn to laugh about these oversights. Ha. Ha, I say.

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Newsweek May As Well……

Oh, you know it’s coming……


H/T National Review Online

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“Keith Olbermann Smashes Steven Crowder”

Best parody of “Kobe” I’ve seen ! Also, Rachel Maddow sighting, don’t blink 🙂

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