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ACORN: Receiving Money from a Bailed Out Bank?

You remember them and their link to the subprime mortage mess? Oh, and they had help……


According to the Business and Media Institute

Obama + ACORN = subprime mortage lending to unqualified borrowers….check
ACORN + Obama = Obama wins election!…..check
Subprime mortage – payments = U.S. banking financial crisis….check
700 Billion (11/2008) to banks to help homeowners in trouble….check
Bank sends bailout money to ACORN….circlejerk complete !

Sidebar: Didn’t the whole subprime mess start when people, like Obama, helped orgs, like Acorn, push those subprime loans on banks, who then gave loans to people, who couldn’t afford/qualify to buy their own homes? D’oh, wasn’t there a program already in place for that? Called rent?

Geesh, all these years I played by the rules, especially having to qualify for a mortage, and for almost 30 years, paid on time?! I’m such a dumba** 😛


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