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Smackdown..Tea v. Happy Juice, in Obama’s own words…

Nobody does it better than Beckistan.

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Official Occupy Gotta Dance Survival Guide

I’m sure the Tea Party’s organizing Thriller for the dance off 😉

via Crawdad Hole

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Tired of Hate Speech, Team Obama and OWS Sympathizers ? Here’s your Antidote.

Meet Barbara From Harlem. Life is beautiful, video via PoliNation’s Pistol Pete where I always start my day 🙂

And if you’re hungry, please line up at The Crawdad Hole for nom,nom’s 😉


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It’s Really So Simple….Update Your Blogrolls !

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If you’re not reading The Crawdad Hole, you’re UNinformed. The best of the left and right, and definitely the in-betweeners, where thinking heads are scratched daily.

H/T video Lynn2 at Newsbird Graphic via Crawdad

MO fun links too, add them 🙂

Cripes Suzette

Having fun now 🙂

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Tea Party Response to Jimmy Hoffa, Jr

In my perfect world, this would be the response to Jimmy Senior’s mini-me


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If the Tea Party Disappears, will the Economy Get Better?

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Tea Party: Salvation

I’m waiting for my check from the Koch brothers too !

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