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Iowahawk: CSI-Tucson

As only Iowahawk can. Too soon? Though judging by the tone of the Obama-Memorial-Pep-Rally, it’s now okay to laugh 🙂 Here’s the cold opening……

CSI: Tucson
Fade in. Chaotic supermarket parking lot, strewn with bodies in aftermath of shooting spree. Amid lights and sirens, a bearded man in black windbreaker and sunglasses ducks under the yellow police tape.

Sir — sir! Please remain behind the cordon. This is an active crime scene investigation.

KRUGMAN (flashes New York Times OpEd badge)
I know. Krugman, CSI. This is my partner Lt. Matthews.

Who’s in charge here? And where are the donuts?

He’s over there sir — Sheriff Dupnik. He’s in charge of the donuts, too.

Krugman and Matthews cross the parking lot, deftly stepping over sheet-covered corpses

Krugman. Matthews. I was wondering when you two would get here. We’ve already booked a perp. Cruller?

No thanks, I’ll take those two bear claws though.

What do you got with white icing? And what do you got on the perp?

White male, 22, close cropped hair. Goes by the name of ‘Lucidfer Matrix Dreambrain.’ Another typical college Republican.

Captain! Captain Krugman! I think you should see this.

On the asphalt outside supermarket, the CSI squad gathers around a spilled bag of groceries outlined in chalk.

Good work rookie. Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Crouching down, Krugman picks up a box of Lipton tea bags with the tip of his pencil.

KRUGMAN (whipping off sunglasses)
If I know my demand curves, I’d say our young Republican wasn’t acting alone.

Cue opening credit sequence

…read the rest here.

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Hayward: The Left is asking the majority of the country to hate itself

Dr. Zero, aka John Hayward, sets the tone for the Left’s attempt to divide our great nation, and why it will backfire. His article is at Human Events and required reading for every reasonable American:

The Giffords Blood Libel Will Fail
The Left rides a horse that is dying beneath them.

And a h/t to Honey Trail for the Ramierz reality check for the journo-challenged:

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It’s the Hypocrisy Stupid, Tucson 2010 Edition

The homeowner was allowed to keep this display up because it was part of a Halloween display and FREE SPEECH rights.

Not sure how long this will stay up……

Michelle Malkin has a handy primer to remind my “former” party what hypocrisy is. Especially at Daily Kos and their conventioneers 😦


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