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We’ll Be Okay America, July 4, 2014 Edition

Video below, but I must give you the proper intro…..to my rant…

I just know it. Yeah, I protested Bush’s wars by adding my warm body to marches in lovely destination cities(great excuse to use those host hotel discounts!) like NYC and DC. Yet, I don’t remember any of those groups from United For Peace and Justice being audited or having their tax exempt statuses targeted ? For that matter, nor the Occupy Wall Street gang?

Before the media and the Democrats squished the Tea Party like bugs, there was this on September 12, 2009. You might remember the “fever” building after the early spring of ’09 and that fancy new PrezzyO, when he proceeded to double down on all of GWB’s fiscal mistakes that he campaigned against? Yeah, these people. Targeted by the IRS. They were right and had to be destroyed. By the media too, ask “Tingles”.

Yes, I was there. As were about 41% of my former “Dem” friends.

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