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“Lynn’s Little Nest” (Newsbird 2.0) is Here !!!!

God Bless America and her Nests.

LynnII writes her first post:

In honor of Birdie and her hard work and effort. Birdie gave me a huge opportunity when she invited me to edit her blog. I was truly honored by the invite. I racked my brain to think of a new and different name but, kept coming back to this one. It felt friendly and warm, the way Birdie and all her little Birdies made me feel. Hopefully you will feel the same.

Still working on issues and kinks but, hopefully those will be ironed out soon. My promise to all who comment here is to make this as good a site as Birdie made hers. With your help and suggestions we can all learn and grow.

Please join me in Welcoming her to Bloggyland over at Lynn’s Little Nest

Image via this sweet blog about “nests”


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