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Modern kids and history, a lost cause? John McCain Edition.


I have nothing but the utmost respect for McCain and his history, but I’m starting to believe the right and left *snickers* over the past decades that our Senate is where old white guys go to die. These seats shouldn’t be Pope-like For Life. We have the same problem in the House too. Probably on your City Council and HOA Board too ? I digress….

Johnny Mac was a pilot, it’s the elitest of the elite in the military. My husband was too in Vietnam til he saw the death and POW tolls, so he said F**k this Sh*t and served his second tour as a grunt. His reward for surviving that tour, being a CACO/Recruiter for Southern Calfornia in the early-mid 70’s. But hey, he was a New England surfer dude and grabbed that spot. It was Annette and Frankie on the beach, til….we grew up.

I remember, as a young mom by then, “Frankie” being awoken in the middle of the night to notify families in his area, that their son was NOT on the list of the POW’s being released the next day. Nixon wouldn’t release the list until every MIA was accounted for and families notified. While we celebrated the lucky guys, we were also comforting the those who weren’t, with their families. Craptastic media never covered these stories either in the post-war Vietnam era.

I hate that our nation’s kids and government’s .edu’s are forgetting history. What triggered this rant ? My (composite relative), who’s a freshman in college now, was bragging on FB about her professor assigning a “stupid” where were you on 9-11 essay. “how the f**k should I know, I was in first grade”. Really? Pearl Harbor happened 5 years before I was even born, and I respect that date. So sad for these kids.


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Did GWB forget where he was on 9-11 ? Did you? Did Obama?

Sweet Child o’Mine, our President lies to children?


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