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Happy Pre-Holiday Shopping Week Before Thanksgiving

If you use Amazon, my good friend at White House Dossier has a portal you can use to help support his fabulous blog. He gets a few cents for every order at no extra cost to you. Just use this Link. Thanks !

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So What if Obama Bowed to a Japanese made Robot?

It could have been worse, oy vey, Howard Wolowitz, ouch.

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All Hail Shelby Fluffy’s “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” (video from 2011)

So, how are we doing so far? I saw over at White House Dossier another livestream/campaign road trip by our President promoting, wait for it, jobs! I missed it, but whenever I hear about Obama concerned about jobs, I think of Shelby Fluffy. I have a feeling I didn’t miss anything…new.


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While You Were Sleeping This Weekend….

A range war was brewing in Nevada, Ted Cruz was fighting terrorists, a child fighting for his life is requesting donations to help pay for medical expenses, the DC Cherry Blossom Festival is going on without a President or First Lady …. but there is

More important priorities

Then there is golf too. Sigh.


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Proof: Blogging is Hard and Dangerous Werk

^^^Dangerous Werk, RIP Andrew^^^

Back in 2008, when I was thrown off liberal blogs for questioning The NEW (cha-cha-cha) Lord and Saviour Obama Presidential candidate, I started this blog. As a political and news junkie, and an old white woman, I was called a racist, sour graper, bitter clinger and stupid. I was never banned, but left the left when I knew I wasn’t wanted. So I sought to cross the desert alone, but I did find welcoming communities of like minds and concerns, and it was good. Here are some of them :

The Crawdad Hole : The Klown Rules, as does his community of the sharpest and most in-the-know recovering Democrats. Or as I’d like to call them, family of like minds. Like sipping on Dewar’s Honey, comforting with some gas.

The White House Dossier : A real life media and White House correspondent with that in-the-know how the suck up press works. Keep it bookmarked for those annoying Official President O’Breezy schedules, speeches and tee times. Keith’s community of commenters are like a comforting tea trolly that rolls by no matter what time zone you’re in.

Last, but not leastus, MOTUS : A free for all snark-fest of the most comforting, in a discomforting political environment, award winning commenters on the intertubes !

The above treasures and my precious blogroll (>>>>over there>>>) make me happy, happy, happy. Please visit and enjoy. I’ll be back soon….


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Absolutely A’Maze’ing

How beautiful is flyover country ? This …..


More information at the Exeter, Missoui Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Here’s a little story on how it’s done, high tech GPS is part of the secret:

Getting “lost” is part of the fun ? This family called 911 when they got “lost” …. and a happy, but maybe a little embarrassing, ending 🙂

Blog idea and a h/t to Keith Koffler’s White House Dossier

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Please Mr. President, No More War…..

….so I’m reaching for my big stick too, Judge Jeanine Pirro. Yes, she’s legal and a lot smarter than you Dear Leader.

This is must watch amazing. Judge Jeanine sucked me in with her first couple of sentences then watched the rest of the 11 minutes without blinking and I don’t think I took a breath either.

Weren’t you blown away too? I think she’s been reading all our blogs and tweets and facebook pages. I sent this video to my old anti-war pals and asked why they weren’t rallying to help prevent Obama’s Folly (or as one friend put it, Operation Petulant Pussy).

Though I’m sad innocents are dying at the hands of evil (still not convinced Obama’s Snakeoil Sales Department pitching propaganda videos are proof of who’s doing the actual gassing, the floors are too clean, the skin is too pink), it’s all just too stagey and squirrelly to me. Great discussion on just that over at TCH and WHD.

Still not convinced Mr President, then here lies (pun intended) the rest of my problem, over at Forbes’ Merrill Matthews summary of why we just don’t trust you anymore.

Or a random twitter post that summed you up also “the children, the children, the children, but God Bless Planned Parenthood”.

And, can we really afford to lob billions of dollars worth of missiles into the desert and can’t even afford to re-open the White House tours to the people?


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