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White House Press Secretary Jay “Frasier Crane-y” Carney sings Buttons and Bows

Cute scene, can’t help but think this is a metaphor for the Obama What-What-White House preps for Pressers. Enjoy….

When you go before a live T.V. audience, and you’re unprepared, hilarity ensues. Inspired by Keith Koffler, White House Dossier. H/T third season of “Frasier”


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Koffler’s WH Dossier, Obama Top Ten 2012 Resolutions, Winning !

This is probably the White House Best Blog you’re not reading, sigh, not all WH blogs are a dot gov 😉

1. Convince Iran once and for all that we mean it no harm.

2. Throw Mrs. Robinson out of the White House.

3. Start hitting from the men’s tee.

4. Confess my love for Angela Merkel.

5. Enter twelve step program to help me stop expanding government.

6. Catch the guy who stabbed Muammar Qaddafi in the ass.

7. Stand up to Michelle and tell her to stop taking so many vacations.

8. Find out who is running economic policy and fire them.

9. Try not to look so natural when bowing to Saudi leaders.

10. Next time Bo asks for his own private air for flight, say, “No, bad dog!”

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