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“The Campaign” ~ Not Quite a Movie Review

How do you describe a movie that’s not quite “action”, not quite “political”, not quite “comedy” and/or not quite “campaigny”? But, you get every inside political joke ? A great end of summer/pre-election experience for those of us who’ve been left, right and both of politics. The “Hotch” brothers looked exactly like those old brothers in Trading Places, I got that Dan Akroyd played one of them. For the deep thinkers, it’s The Waterboy vs. Ricky Bobby, with a touch of the evil villan mash-up of Soros and the Koch brothers. It’s as though the writer/director studied Free Republic and Democratic Underground, then made pie. I LOVED IT 😀 5 Stars for Political Junkies 😀


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Will Ferrell as Bush on Broadway


Good news for fans of Will Ferrell and Broadway:

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. (AP) – Will Ferrell says audiences should expect the unexpected from his upcoming one-man Broadway show and HBO special about President George W. Bush.

Ferrell, known for his Bush impersonation on “Saturday Night Live,” said Friday there’s nothing derivative about the production. He says it will surprise people with its twists and turns and what it has to say about Bush.

Executive producer Adam McKay says the show aims to be funny but also hold the Bush administration’s feet to the fire.

McKay and Ferrell spoke to the Television Critics meeting in the Los Angeles area by satellite from New York.

“Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush” is set to begin previews Jan. 20 and open Feb. 5. It will air live on HBO March 14.

I loved Ferrell’s Bush on SNL, as he was never mean spirited (like Tina Fey’s Sarah), but always spot on capturing the humor and the caricature of the Bush “pretzelidency”. And before him, there was the affable SNL “President Clinton” by the late, great Phil Hartman. Will we be able to laugh again with 44 ? Or Mrs. 44? It’ll be a shame if we can’t.

Now Keegen Michael Key is funny as Obama! Unfortunately, Madtv’s been cancelled, great timing, huh?

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