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Chris Rock*: How not to get your ass kicked by the police (*adult content)

I was going to recuse myself from the Gatesgate controversy because someone very close to me puts his life on the line everyday to protect you and me. Then I saw this….pass it around 🙂

H/T Goldie at Women in Politics

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What happened to Hillary’s Village Forum ?


Hoping someone will see this and ‘splain to Lucy where one of my favorite hangouts disappeared to ? I was out-of-town, so I missed the clues? I miss my HV friends 😦

For those of you who like the community/message board format, please visit one of my other favorite hangouts, Women in Politics

Women are complex and seldom are defined by a political party’s doctrine or dogma. We may lean left or right or be in the center on different issues, all at the same time. We have power in pooling our resources and working together, celebrating what we have in common instead of being exploited and divided by our differences. We can all learn from each other, I look forward to learning from your viewpoint.

A few bloggers that appear on Daily Puma post there, so it’s definitely a friendly place for people of like minds without a party, gag on kool aid and who now hope for change! C’ya at the WIP 🙂


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