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100 days and Throwing People “Under My Bus”

From machosauceproductions:

100 Days & Throwing People Under the Bus. Campaign promises, family members, and cabinet-level nominees have all been thrown under the bus. Celebrate Obama’s first 100 days on a bumpy ride with President ZoBama.

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Torture2: While Obama muddles message, Crowder’s “beheaded”.

And Politico tries to make sense of Obama’s confusing torture message for the left and right to sort out. Why not grab some popcorn?

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“Obama the Pee Wee !”

Steven Crowder explains politics for obots idiots obots.

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Springtime: Political Animal Edition

Previously, I introduced the greatest American Symbol’s Family to welcome the renewal season for our senses and hope, Spring. With a H/T to Greta for giving me the idea to introduce the rest of our political families.

Really cute furbaby alert! Gather the children and grandparents!

>>>>Welcome Spring to the Democrats, my annoyingly overprotective, and dysfunctional family. We love to argue, but we mean well.

1 1/2 hour old donkey, Peggy, shown with mother Rachel and father Buddy.

>>>>Welcome Spring to the Republicans. Like Mama elephant, I’m married to one. He’s never home because he’s either working or on the battlefield. We’re a strong family, don’t mess with us.

On Monday, March 30, 2009 Phoebe, an Asian elephant at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, http://www.columbuszoo.org , led her new baby into the indoor pachyderm viewing area. The three-day-old calf, which will be named at a later date, explored his new home but was cautious not to stray too far from his mother.

>>>>Welcome Spring to the 70% in the real life middle-crat-cans. Meerkats! What better way to represent “sitting up and digging in”. Sometimes undecided, but always faithful.

Simon King spends a lot of time allowing the meerkat family to get used to his presence, and his efforts pay off as he witnesses a baby meerkat’s first ever sight of life beyond the burrow. See these cute baby animals on their first adventure in the wild African plains, from the BBC.

>>>>The best for last, Welcome Spring the puma family, for the rest of us. Watch out, she’ll grab your neck, though nourishing through those days you’re blind’sided. And ya’ll just never know when she’s ready to.

Females reach sexual maturity between one-and-a-half and three years of age. They typically average one litter every two to three years throughout their reproductive life; the period can be as short as one year. Females are in estrus for approximately 8 days of a 23-day cycle; the gestation period is approximately 91 days. Females are sometimes reported as monogamous, but this is uncertain and polygyny may be more common. Copulation is brief but frequent.

Now, meet a puma, Luna, in training 🙂 What a fighter!

Here’s hoping your Hope Springs Eternal !


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“It’s a Small World After All…it’s a small, small world!” (G-20 Edition)

When I heard Disney World, Inc was upgrading it’s popular rides to draw more attendance, well, I couldn’t help but make a few suggestions. So, quick, before the Disney CEO’s are fired….watch….don’t blink….and don’t pay attention to that earworm, it will go away in about … never !

Did you miss the new additions?



…it’s a small, small world 🙂 Thank you for visiting !

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Meet Daniel Hannan, American Hero? From the UK?

Well, unless you live under a rock or only read lefty blogs, you may have never heard of him…. cheetos meet cajones:

Follow him on his blog

Hold on to your hats 🙂

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Steven Crowder: Joe FREAKING Biden! (Featuring Rainman)

It’s okay to laugh, right? As did my little “rainman” here at home. High Five Greg! (Sort of a palette cleanser after the O’Reilly-Letterman tapes last post?) Enjoy 🙂

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Clash of the Titans: O’Reilly v. Letterman (03.31.09)

2-parts, with an approximate running time of commercial-free 21 minutes, which is a lifetime on network t.v. Great television for political junkies, no matter who’s side you’re on 🙂

Part One:

Part Two:


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Steven Crowder’s “The Obama Song”(Official Version)

“We didn’t drink the kool-aid”


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Hey jefferson_dem, this is for you and the DU….

With hopes you all will understand after that nasty thread….enjoy!

And do visit my blogroll….thanks!


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